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Behavioral Economics: Electricity for Market Research Lightbulbs?

What are BE’s implications for questionnaire structure and wording? How about for focus groups and IDIs? What are the implications for pricing research? Branding research?...

Video Will Rock the Market Research World in 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of predictions for market research—the typical pontification we see at this time of the year. Some of it has been very inspiring, but too many just rehash the obvious.

Personally, I think there

Article Synopsis: How to Link Customer Loyalty to Profits

[Article synopsis]...Another hot topic in customer research is NPS (Net Promoter Score), based on self-reported likelihood to recommend as a measure of loyalty. However, as the author points out, respondents may give high recommendation scores at the

Article Synopsis: Listening In on Social Media: A Joint Model of Sentiment and Venue Format Choice

The results from the authors’ modeling shows that the inferences marketing researchers obtain from monitoring social media are dependent on where they “listen.” For example, Facebook tends to be more positive, and Twitter more negative in the

Article Synopsis: Still Full of Beanz (Effective Data Management)

Using a philosophy of test and learn, Heinz looks to multiple information sources for research, including electronic-point-of-sale, Nielsen data, panel data, and social media and brand monitoring. One such panel, Heinz 57, is an online community

Market Research Lessons from Edward Snowden

Love him or hate him, Edward Snowden is a catalyst for change. How did he do it? And what can we market researchers learn from it?

The Big Reveal Gets Big Attention

Snowden didn’t suggest that there might be

Mobile Ethnography: The New ‘Organic’ Market Research Tool to Try in 2014

What’s the most promising aspect of mobility in market research? Mobile ethnography—not pushing surveys to mobile devices. Mobile Ethnography: Innovation in Progress While there are only a few tools available so far, this area is developing quickly. ...

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: Third in a Series of 10

Have you ever bought something because all of your friends had it? While we may be loath to admit it, our actions are swayed by friends, groups, and the public. Perhaps even more so than what

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: First in a Series of 10

On a survey, do you check “yes” the same amount as someone in India? Probably not! Cultural differences in multi-country surveys yield inaccurate results. Propensity to agree, untruthfulness, and survey “speeders” vary from country to country.

For Market Research Career Success, Embrace “Less is More”

In the Sunday New York Times (January 20th, 2013 edition), Matthew E. May wrote about, “The Art of Adding Through Taking Away.” The article points to the strength of this wisdom through ancient proverb and more