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What Market Researchers Need to Know About Irrational Consumers

Consumers may be irrational in their decision making, but according to behavioral economist Dan Ariely, they’re predictably so. For marketers, the implications are fairly straightforward. Consider the advice from Oliver digital strategist Mark Fitzgerald, who advises that

Promise Us You Will Never Field a Questionnaire Like This

Another great example of an awful questionnaire.

Article Synopsis: Listening In on Social Media: A Joint Model of Sentiment and Venue Format Choice

The results from the authors’ modeling shows that the inferences marketing researchers obtain from monitoring social media are dependent on where they “listen.” For example, Facebook tends to be more positive, and Twitter more negative in the

Article Synopsis: The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Highly satisfied customers = revenue dollars. Or do they? Some data has shown that the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer spending behavior is surprisingly weak. In this article, the authors share their analysis of the

The 4 Killer Stats from the ESOMAR 3D Conference

In this article, Jon Puleston tells us about some surprising statistics he overheard while attending the ESOMAR 3D conference:

An Open Letter to Market Research Software Companies

Idea voting. Prediction markets. Online surveys. Crosstab analysis. Text analytics. Social media research. What type of market research software do you sell?

Survey Template: Gauging Brand Perception

What does your target market think of your brand? How does your target market perceive your brand as compared to your competitors’ brands? While brand research can be a very complex, exhaustive exercise, in many cases a

What If?

I've come up with a few scenarios that could result if online surveys with non-customer populations became impossible tomorrow. Imagine: you can still reach your customers for research, but what about the rest of the world?

4 More Cool Ways to Use Market Research

In a crowded marketplace, how can market research help your company stand out? By doing things your competitors aren’t daring enough to try. So let’s have some fun.

Responsible for Brand Awareness Research? I Feel Your Pain

I feel for Market Research Managers in charge of Brand Awareness trackers. It's not as easy as it used to be. As the number of means by which brand awareness and familiarity are influenced increases, our ability