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Are Your Qualitative Research Reports Damaged by Researcher Bias?

Don’t be the researcher who relies on their personal recall to bang out a report in a couple of hours—that researcher is not leveraging this wonderful resource, and is likely injecting their own biases into the process.

Managing Focus Groups: How to create a dynamic conversation, with great results

A great focus groups sparks their creativity—whether for sales, marketing or product development ideas. So many business professionals crave an authentic opportunity to learn directly from their target market, and a well-recruited, professionally moderated focus group can

Quant versus Qual: No longer meaningful?

Are the categories of quantitative and qualitative research still meaningful?Many market researchers refer to the categories of quantitative and qualitative methods when describing our profession. Some specialize in one or the other, some equally cover both. It’s

“Mission: Possible”: A Structured Approach to Qualitative Analysis

Structured analysis also minimizes the risk of researcher bias. Don’t think it exists? There are actually several known forms of researcher bias, including Positive Bias and Inattentional Blindness.Our recommendation is to use both approaches. Using both an

Cleaning the Clutter for Market Research Impact

by Debra Mascott, Director of eLearning Curriculum, Research Rockstar, LLC This summer I tackled an arduous task: cleaning out my garage. I found no shortage of baskets, boxes, barrels, half-empty paint cans, rusty garden tools and sundry

What Market Researchers Need to Know About Irrational Consumers

Consumers may be irrational in their decision making, but according to behavioral economist Dan Ariely, they’re predictably so. For marketers, the implications are fairly straightforward. Consider the advice from Oliver digital strategist Mark Fitzgerald, who advises that

Rockin’ and Research. More alike than you think.

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re on stage, your instrument in hand, set list and lyrics engraved on your heart, hearing the howl of the crowd as the lights come up and the fans go wild. Pure energy

Rockstar Learning in San Diego

We are thrilled to announce that Research Rockstar has been selected to deliver 3 classes at the June ISC conference in San Diego. Three Research Rockstar instructors will be on-site delivering these classes, including Greg Timpany, Chris

We Have a (Market Research Training) Winner!

We are thrilled to announce that the two winners of our 2015 VIP Pass Giveaway are....

MIT-inspired Market Research Possibilities

Do big tech changes mean big market research changes?

The MIT Technology Review recently published “Breakthrough Technologies 2015,” a fun and inspiring list, including some items with market research implications. Let’s take a quick look at that subset,