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Article Synopsis: How to Link Customer Loyalty to Profits

[Article synopsis]...Another hot topic in customer research is NPS (Net Promoter Score), based on self-reported likelihood to recommend as a measure of loyalty. However, as the author points out, respondents may give high recommendation scores at the

Article Synopsis: The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Highly satisfied customers = revenue dollars. Or do they? Some data has shown that the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer spending behavior is surprisingly weak. In this article, the authors share their analysis of the

Market Research & Lost Mojo: Article Synopsis

Andrew Reid, son of Market Research luminary Angus Reid, says Market Research has “lost its mojo.” In a new article published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Reid states, “In the early 2000s, with the increased use of email, the

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: Third in a Series of 10

Have you ever bought something because all of your friends had it? While we may be loath to admit it, our actions are swayed by friends, groups, and the public. Perhaps even more so than what

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: Second in a Series of 10

Article Synopsis: Think about eBay, Amazon, and Angie’s List—all public, continuous sources of ratings. Moran cites a survey conducted by FTI Consulting which found that over 50% of respondents give a “great deal of consideration to

Market Research Strategies: Summertime Activity for Survey Writers

With the summer season upon us, along comes a most welcomed relief for many market research project managers. The workload slows and creates a great opportunity to take care of some market research housekeeping. For survey writers,

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results: Jumping To Conclusions

If you are tracking customer satisfaction at regular intervals, say quarterly or monthly, you may have found that your colleagues want explanations for every increase or decrease in scores—even minor ones. Do the latest results show slight

Online Survey Design: No Free Dinner

When bad surveys are circulated, the company that sent them out becomes less trusted. The “consumer” becomes an unhappy customer, and may even tell others about their bad experience—with surveys in general or with the specific company.

Customer Satisfaction Research & Anonymity

To be frank, my opinion on this topic has changed in just the past year or two. Before then, I was an ardent believer that all research must by anonymous—no matter what. I felt that any direct

NPS is not the De facto Metric for Telecomm Customer Satisfaction

The original article recommends NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the optimal standard for customer satisfaction with telecommunications providers. Ummm, no. So since I didn’t get to share on the TMCnet site, let me share some information here