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Great Market Research Blogs, Part 2

In Great Market Research Blogs Part 1, I reported that I regularly read these 5 blogs:

I mentioned that I would be writing up some more faves in a Part 2. The cool thing is that while I had my Part 2 blogs already in mind, several readers suggested others that were not on my planned list. Some are blogs I knew of but hadn’t visited recently, but others were entirely new to me! So I took some time to check them all out, and rounded out my favorite Market Research blogs, Part 2, below.

Caveat: When it comes to blogs, I have some personal biases. First, I tend to avoid blogs written less often than once a month. Second, I read blogs to be informed about trends, emerging issues, and news—not to read about someone’s cute new puppy. So the first time a blog shows me 200+ words of family anecdotes, that tends to end it for me.

More Market Research Blog Faves

Forrester Customer Experience blog. I read a few different Forrester blogs from time to time, and this guy (Bruce Temkin) is simply the best. Could one argue the blog is not strictly market research? Yup. But it’s semantics—he researches and analyzes trends in customer experience. How companies plan and implement customer experience programs, trends in actual customer experience results and how customer experience impacts companies. Anyone doing customer research should read this blog.

The Market Research Event’s blog is a must to stay informed and get useful links. Topics generally include recent research studies, market research events, MR news and links to important commentary. Wonderfully short, to-the-point writing. A must-read for professional researchers seeking to stay current.

All professional market researchers should read Ray Poynter’s blog. Ray keeps a constructively critical eye on market research topics and will keep you informed of the most current insider debates. Ray is also working on a book project and often posts excerpts of his drafts—and asks for reader input.

The CRO-ing about Research blog by Joel Rubinson, Chief Research Officer of The ARF is full of fresh, thought-provoking content. Doubt me? Then check this out and tell me it didn’t get your gears churning: LINK.  Joel puts market research in the context of marketing innovations and best practices.  Well written and recommended for anyone who thinks about the intersection of marketing and customer research.

Looking for a take-no-prisoners perspective on market research? Then you should read Tom Ewing’s blog. Tom delivers deep thoughts and challenges the status quo…with a social media twist. If nothing else, read this one post: NEWMR.  I also enjoy Tom’s Twitter feed (@tomewing).

From the guys at PluggedIN, a must read blog about MROCs—practical insights, creative ideas.  And I’m not just a fan because they recently cited one of my blog posts. Any client-side researchers even thinking about online research communities should read this blog.

QuestionPro blog: From Rob Hoehn and the folks at QuestionPro. Current topics and good guest posts (full disclosure: including one from me).  A good blog for client-side market researchers looking for a mix of research topics and some free education.

Tom Anderon’s blog covers current market research issues, and is also a platform for some of the topics Tom is passionate about—including his offshore transparency initiative. I don’t agree with everything Tom says, but I enjoy his perspectives and breadth of knowledge. He identifies the most important issues worth discussing. Truly a must-read blog for professional market researchers.

Want More? How About 4 More?

Readers suggested a few more blogs that look great, but I honestly haven’t had time yet to get to very familiar with them. So for your consideration:

  • Merrill Dubrow, president of M/A/R/C, blogs here: blog link. Merrill seems to cover many things, including market research, market research-related humor, and personal musings.
  • This one is embarrassing–I should have known it already. A reader suggested this blog, so I checked it out and found that it’s from InSites Consulting, also home of Tom De Ruyck of Baqmar, who I follow on twitter (@tomderuyck).
  • The blog of Discovery Research Group looks interesting, but again, I haven’t had time yet to really dive in.
  • I’ve just started to check out a wonderful blog by Diane Hagglund of Dimensional Research. I have only read 3 of her articles so far, but the blog strikes me as a great resource for anyone new to market research; Dianne has a flair for making market research incredibly approachable.

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Kathryn Korostoff

Kathryn Korostoff is founder and lead instructor at Research Rockstar. Over the past 25 years, she has personally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100 bylined articles in magazines. She is also a professor at Boston University, where she teaches grad students how to analyze and report quantitative data.

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