Changing Market Research Perceptions, One eBook At A Time

Are you tired of people being cynical about market research? Tired of explaining to people that market research is, in fact, much more than surveys and focus groups?

Me too.

Announcing, “Think Outside The Survey”, a new eBook from Research Rockstar. Members can access it on the Members’ pages. All others, please click here.

Today, some business professionals dismiss market research. Thanks, in part, to popular books like Predictably Irrational, they have learned that self-reported behaviors and attitudes can be unreliable.  But the problem isn’t that all market research methods deal with these realities poorly—the problem is that many people assume market researchers rely exclusively on surveys and focus groups. And while these are great methodologies useful in many situations, they are among the most susceptible to the deficiencies of self-reported behaviors and attitudes.

Our goal, as market researchers, is simple: we don’t want business professionals to dismiss “market research” because they equate it with surveys and focus groups.  Our goal is to get them to understand that market research is more, much more.

That’s why this new eBook presents fourteen market research methods that aren’t surveys nor focus groups. These are the methods we need to raise awareness of, so that people, won’t dismiss market research—even if they are dismissing surveys.

Please share this eBook with your friends and colleagues. Let’s spread the word that it is time to think outside the survey.

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