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You are Not a Market Researcher

You are not a market researcher.

  • You are a customer satisfaction activist.
  • You are a demand generation architect.
  • You are a product roadmap engineer.
  • You are a customer behavior analyst.
  • You are a competitive strategy coach.
  • You are a consumer anthropologist.
  • You are a sales strategy optimizer.

The truth is, as a market researcher, you are many of these all at the same time.

So the next time you are at a social event, think twice before you answer the inevitable, “What do you do for work?” You could say you are a market researcher. But imagine what a great conversation starter it would be to brag a little with a vivid title—we market researchers might just blow their minds.

Tell us which of these market research monikers you like best in the comments below (or add your own), and receive a Research Rockstar coffee mug. Shipping to US and Canadian addresses only—sorry! Applies to first 5 comments only.


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