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Up Your Quantitative Analysis Game!

Quantitative market research done without applying solid data analysis isn’t really market research. It’s just data collection.

Are you interested in learning the basics of quantitative data analysis? Or maybe you could just use a refresher on the topic? Research Rockstar has the class for you: Intro to Quantitative Analysis.

The basics of quantitative analysis are attainable, even if you are new to the topic. This beginner-level course will teach you where to start your quant data analysis for survey research projects, how to get the most from frequencies and crosstabs, when to consider and plan for predictive analytics, how to work with data analysts and statisticians, and much more.

Curriculum Details

During this 4-week program, Instructor Dan Reynolds will teach the basics of quantitative analysis in a fun, practical way. He includes examples, exercises, and real-time demonstrations. This market research class is ideal for those new to quantitative data analysis, even if you have no background in statistics.

Students gain a solid foundation in quantitative survey data analysis and learn about:

  • Creating a data analysis plan
  • Basic concepts in data analysis
  • Crosstabs
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data analysis considerations and assessing data reliability
  • How to draw logical conclusions

Check out the full class agenda here.

Looking for credit? This class qualifies for PRC credits and is also an approved class for the Insights Association Certificate in Quantitative Research Principles

This class is coming up on October 10th, so be sure to sign up now!

Note: This class does not include hands-on data analysis. For conducting data analysis, we offer Intro to SPSS , SPSS 201, and Statistics with R. We also recommend using the many excellent tutorials offered by the statistics software companies.


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