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Up the Quality of Your Qualitative Data Analysis

Have you ever had difficulty creating reports based on interview, focus group, or ethnographic research results? You aren’t alone.

Analysis and reporting of qualitative data is hard. But as market researchers, we can use proven methods to overcome the challenge, and give our clients the best insights-inspiring reporting possible.

Discipline in Reporting

Qualitative data is complex and analyzing it properly takes real work. The challenge lies in effectively translating vast amounts of raw, unstructured data (often research notes, transcripts and videos) into consumable insights your client can use. Indeed, many of us find reporting on qualitative data more difficult than analyzing questionnaires or other quantitative sources. This makes sense. The structured nature of quantitative data is more straightforward than unstructured qualitative data…to both the researcher and the audience.

Research Rockstar Live Training

Our upcoming course, Writing Qualitative Research Reports, takes the uncertainty out of producing great reports, time after time. This course will teach you how to analyze qualitative data in order to address project objectives, and how to report the findings using various text, visual display and multimedia approaches. You will learn repeatable processes for synthesizing and communicating complex qualitative data.

This class is a great choice for students who are writing for either internal or external clients, and is applicable to even novice market researchers. NOTE: This class includes homework assignments, and students should be prepared to spend one hour per week on homework.

Course Details

This course begins on Nov. 8th and meets once a week, for a total of four 90-minute sessions. In our virtual classroom, instructor Cory Mann will present the best options for analyzing and reporting qualitative research results in a fun, practical way. She will also take your questions in real-time and incorporate real-world examples, demonstrations, and exercises.

We look forward to seeing you in class. Sign up now!


Looking to get certified? This class qualifies for PRC credits and is also an approved class for the Insights Association Certificate in Qualitative Research Principles


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