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MR101_largeWhen you ask a market researcher how they started in this great industry, many will say they came up through ‘traditional’ paths of studying sociology, anthropology, statistics, or similar subjects and chose market research as a career right out of the gate. But there are just as many who will declare “I fell into it!” This “falling into research” can take many forms: shifting over from a related marketing function, coming to a research career later in life, even being put in charge of the research function as part of a larger management role. There are as many stories as there are researchers!

For those new to research, for whatever reason, it is imperative to have a grounding in the research role; a solid base from which to knowledgeably advise colleagues and clients about the different aspects of market research.  To that end, we are offering our ever-popular Market Research 101 class starting this February! Market Research 101 is a four-week power program that is fun and fast-paced and provides that market research foundation. Click here for the class agenda and registration details.

We can’t talk about the work of research without talking about clients! After all, working with clients is often part of the job of a researcher.

Learning how to manage client expectations, budgets, schedules and suppliers should be part of any researcher’s training. In our two-session Client Management Skills for Market Researchers class we teach the fundamental client management skills necessary to establish an effective researcher/client relationship. What about those common hiccups in the process when dealing with clients, such as questionnaire design processes that drag on, dealing with research skeptics, and having to deliver unexpected research results? Best practices for dealing with those situations are covered in this class.

If you are seeking a solid base of knowledge having recently entered the research profession, or if you need to establish a common base of knowledge across a team, these classes are for you!

Register now for Market Research 101 and Client Management Skills for Market Researchers!


Kathryn Korostoff

Kathryn Korostoff is founder and lead instructor at Research Rockstar. Over the past 25 years, she has personally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100 bylined articles in magazines. She is also a professor at Boston University, where she teaches grad students how to analyze and report quantitative data.

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