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The Quirk’s Event, 2016

Brooklyn BridgeThe Quirk’s Event, 2016,
now has another big attraction.


Join Research Rockstar and 1,000 of your closest market research friends at the New York Marriott, Brooklyn Bridge, in February. The Quirk’s event will be held on February 23rd and 24th, and Research Rockstar has been selected to teach four on-site workshops on Thursday, February 25th.

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Like the Brooklyn Bridge, these intensive workshops are designed to help you “get where you want to go” in a very practical way.

This workshop day has been added because those who attended the 2015 Quirk’s Event expressed a strong desire for acquiring further “real-world” skills while at the event.

There are four 4-hour workshops to choose from (topic details below). Each one begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m., with a one-and-a-half hour lunch break. Sign up NOW for the Quirk’s Event 2016. To ensure the highest-quality learning experience, class size is limited.

Rockstar Workshop Options

#1 Data Visualization: Demonstration and Practice

Data visualization isn’t just for “big data analytics.” Market researchers can leverage current trends and tools to aid in the analysis and presentation of market research data. Bring your laptops to this hands-on workshop! In this 4-hour session students will experience:

  • Using data visualization for data exploration\
  • Using data visualization for reporting
  • Applying lessons from infographic design to research reporting

NOTE: The workbook for this session includes examples of doughnuts, gauges, heat maps, lollipops, and multi-level pie charts. Instructor: Kathryn Korostoff, Research Rockstar Lead Instructor.

{Bridge Fact: Designer John Roebling first visualized a bridge that would span the East River after growing tired of taking a ferry across that big expanse of turbulent water.}

#2 Mobile, Self-Ethnography: Real Options, Real Benefits

Imagine being able to ask people to basically “research themselves.” Mobile ethnography is still relatively new, but some great, innovative work is already being done. Attendees will learn about a variety of real-world options—from low-cost, no frills approaches, to high-end solutions that aid in the creation of video-based deliverables. They will also learn the 3 most common risks encountered when conducting these studies, and how to mitigate them. Case studies include in-home and “on the go” applications. Attendees will also work in teams, so they can experience mobile ethnography as participants.

{Bridge Fact: Talk about mobility! 250,000 people walked across the Brooklyn Bridge within 24 hours after it opened.}

#3 Questionnaire Design 201: Beyond 5-Point Rating Scales

Survey research has many forms of risk. Social desirability issues, acquiescence bias, extreme response bias, and even just boredom, are all issues. Learn to mitigate the risks by being aware of many scale options, wording choices and formatting tips. Survey research is still a large part of the market research profession, but too many researchers default to 5-point rating scales. After this session, researchers will have a good number of options that they can apply appropriately, therefore improving their survey research quality.

Instructor: Greg Timpany, Research Rockstar Instructor.

{Bridge Fact: Speaking of risk, many workers got “the bends” after being brought up too quickly from their workplaces on the bottom of the river. It took three years to build the bridge’s foundations.}

#4 Excel for Market Research Data Analysis

Bring your laptops for this fun, fast-paced, hands-on workshop. Yes, Excel can be used for real data analysis. The session starts with the basics of pivot tables and descriptive statistics, helping analysts describe their data. Students will also learn and practice conducting inferential tests for decision-making, such as t-tests, chi-square tests, and ANOVAs. That’s right, all in Excel.

Instructor: Dan Reynolds, Research Rockstar Instructor.

{Bridge “Believe it or Not” Fact: In 1884, P.T. Barnum led 21 elephants across the Brooklyn Bridge, to demonstrate its stability.}

Each Research Rockstar workshop includes a comprehensive, printed workbook—excellent reference material. The tuition is only $299 per person. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get even more out of the 2016 Quirk’s Event. To register, go to:

Fact: On May 24th, 1883, after 14 years of construction, Brooklyn and New York were finally connected. On February 25th, 2016, you could learn new skills that connect you to a more satisfying research future.


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This post is from the Research Rockstar team. We want everyone to have access to the training and resources they need to become Research Rockstars!

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