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Rockin’ and Research. More alike than you think.

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re on stage, your instrument in hand, set list and lyrics engraved on your heart, hearing the howl of the crowd as the lights come up and the fans go wild. Pure energy feeding your adrenalin, pumping through your veins and helping you soar till you play like you’ve never played before, making them gasp. You drop it to a whisper for the refrain. A thousand voices take up that chant and shout it right back at you.

Okay, so maybe a market research presentation isn’t exactly the same as living that dream we all had as kids. But you’re still stepping into the spotlight, putting expertise and passion into a show you hope will leave them blissed with satisfaction and hungry for more.

At Research Rockstar, we get it. We’re all about helping you hone that natural talent into the kind of market research performance that’ll bring them to their feet begging for an encore. And our VIP Passes  get you there.

Join the jam. Become a Research Rockstar.

Quantitative your thing? Grab yourself our pay-once-jam-all-year Quantitative VIP Training Pass for a full 12 months of access to every quant course Research Rockstar offers. No need to go back and request budget for every new training event. Enjoy over $3,000 of skill building for just $1,800.

Eager for a qualitative tour? Choose the qual pass—same great price for a year’s worth of hot qualitative training topics.

Maybe you saw your idol put down his guitar, step to the keyboard, and blow minds all over again. You want that virtuoso thing so bad you can taste it. We have your solution: the All-Access Backstage Pass. For $3,500, you’ll have a year of access to every course we offer, qual and quant both—over $7,500 worth. Party like a true Research Rockstar; when you see the results in your career, you’ll be ready to bust out the champagne. (Or sparkling water, if you prefer.)

Bring your crew. If you’ve got colleagues who want to play we offer multiple pass discounts, so you’ll save even more. Same deal: pick and choose, and jam to your market research heart’s content.

Whatever option suits you best, the song remains the same: with just one p ayment, you’ll get a full year of access to lots of topics and our amazing team of 7 expert instructors. We’re always adding more stuff, and your pass covers that too. Our virtual classrooms feature live instruction and all-hours access to material—so the market research training party never stops.

Join us at Research Rockstar. Creating Research Rockstars since 2010.


News for Rockstars

This post is from the Research Rockstar team. We want everyone to have access to the training and resources they need to become Research Rockstars!

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