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Quirk’s Event 2016 Workshop: Mobile Self-Ethnography

quirks event 2016Everything is going mobile. But ethnography? How does that work?

In our Mobile, Self-Ethnography: Real Options, Real Benefits workshop, students will learn about the new area of ethnography which allows people to basically research themselves. With mobile devices, consumers can opt-in to a research experience by taking in-the-moment picture or video content, capturing sound bites or scanning QR codes anytime or anywhere. This might just be the most promising aspect of mobility in market research.

Students will explore the in-home and on-the-go applications that are already available on the market, as well as the range of solutions, from inexpensive, no-frills options to high-end ones resulting in video-based deliverables. Class participants will join in teams in order to understand the experience from the consumer perspective.

Of course, like any research technique, there are downsides—a major one being that this method isn’t perfectly controllable. In our course, students will learn the three biggest risks facing researchers in the area, as well as best practices for mitigating them.

To learn more and view some early products by market research innovators, visit the Research Rockstar blog here.

Join Frank Hines and a group of market survey researchers at the Quirk’s Event February 25, 2016.


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