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Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 1 of 20

Remarkable Researchers Offer Their Clients Options

If a client comes and asks for a survey, it’s up to the remarkable researcher to look at the project goals and recommend methodology options. While surveys and focus groups are great, remarkable research can leverage a diverse range of methods. When we offer clients options, we benefit in three ways:

  • We thrill the client.
    Especially, if the client grudgingly uses surveys as a better-than-nothing option. Everyone loves options. If I go into a bakery and there are only two types of cupcakes on display, I am immediately turned off. If I walk into one with too many choices, I may feel overwhelmed and leave. Neither too few nor too many options are the goal.
  • We educate the client.
    It is important to raise awareness of alternate methods. This is so business professionals don’t see market research as unremarkable, old fashioned, or equated solely with surveys and focus groups.
  • We demonstrate integrity.
    We aren’t just offering what is easy or conventional; we’re showing that we are thinking about the client’s needs. Even if they choose a survey option, now they know we were looking out for their best interests.

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Kathryn Korostoff

Kathryn Korostoff is founder and lead instructor at Research Rockstar. Over the past 25 years, she has personally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100 bylined articles in magazines. She is also a professor at Boston University, where she teaches grad students how to analyze and report quantitative data.

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