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Research Rockstar is thrilled to announce a 10-episode series, Conversations for Research Rockstars. Please join the conversation on YouTube (broadcasting on Fridays) or on iTunes (updated Mondays). Hosted by Kathryn Korostoff, with occasional special guests, the series is available now. Our purpose: advancing the market research and customer insights profession, through conversations about research methods and career trends.

As market researchers, we have a challenge: sometimes our work can be a little isolating. It can be hard to find opportunities to have real conversations about our profession and our careers, especially for those who can’t attend industry conferences. To address this, the 10-episode Conversations for Research Rockstars will focus on topics pertinent to the work and careers of market research and customer insights professionals.

We hope you join the conversation!


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This post is from the Research Rockstar team. We want everyone to have access to the training and resources they need to become Research Rockstars!

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