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bigstock--148307654Before I started working for Research Rockstar, I was a client!

When I needed to get my staff on the same page regarding a specific skill (qualitative report writing for example), I had them go through Research Rockstar training to establish that baseline.

As a busy corporate research manager, I also needed to contend with matching up a variety of projects with a small team. With our limited staff, we couldn’t do everything even though everything needed to be done. Many times, I reached out to the Rent-a-Researcher team at Research Rockstar so I could temporarily extend my staff, with the exact skills I needed, for the duration of a project.

Sometimes I outsourced complex work for which we didn’t have the skill set in house, but other times I needed a resource who could “plug and play” and get the work done. While I have a special love for data analysis and survey programming, my time often didn’t allow for management duties plus programming questionnaires and analyzing data.

That’s why I am delighted to announce our new Questionnaire Programming offering through our Rent-a-Research program! Delegate your lower-level survey work, and get your questionnaires programmed by experienced, US-based researchers who have expertise in Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, AYTM, Survey Monkey and more.

We offer fixed pricing for questionnaire programming which ensures “no surprises” or hiccups with your budget. Questionnaire programming happens from a questionnaire design that you provide (in a Word doc or similar), plus three tests. Then, it’s over to you for final testing and approval (and of course we recommend thorough testing and pre-testing of all questionnaires!).

Don’t be the gatekeeper for questionnaire work getting done if your staff is busy. Delegate that to us. We can handle everything from short to long surveys, from simple to incredibly complex questionnaires including MaxDiff or Discrete Choice.

Click here for more information about our Questionnaire Programming offering and give us a call, we are here to help, especially when things are crazy busy.


Katie Clark

VP of Content Marketing and Strategy at Research Rockstar LLC

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