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Market Research Interviews: Can They Be Stress-Free?

Were you ever excited for an upcoming job interview? Me neither.

Chances are, ‘excited’ isn’t the best description for this common life event. Few of us enjoy a potential future boss or coworker peppering us with unanticipated questions for an extended period, never really knowing if the answers you’re providing are ‘correct’ or ‘good enough.’ It can feel very uncomfortable, and in some cases quite stressful.

But can you blame the interviewer? Probably not. As human beings, we generally don’t like making others feel uncomfortable, and conducting a stress-free interview is difficult. That’s right: being interviewed can be stressful, but so is conducting the interview! As market researchers, many of us have experienced this when conducting our own in-depth interviews (IDIs).

Constructing and carrying-out a quality IDI project is a daunting task. If you face anxiety and uncertainty when preparing to conduct IDIs for your research projects, it’s time to tackle the problem. Research Rockstar can help.

Ready to Take the Guess Work Out of Your IDIs?

Our 90-minute course, Conducting Research Interviews: 12 Tips for a Stress-Free Process, is coming up on October 18th. Instructor Frank Hines takes the stress out of planning and conducting research interviews. From designing the project, to writing the interview guide, to conducting the interviews and follow up — all while avoiding common challenges — this class covers it all! This course is perfect for new researchers or new-to-qualitative researchers who want a real-world introduction to IDIs.


Looking to get certified? This class qualifies for PRC credits and is also an approved class for the Insights Association Certificate in Qualitative Research Principles.


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