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Digital and Media – Millward Brown Predicts Trends for 2015

Millward BrownThe hottest market research trends of the new year are often difficult to anticipate, but thanks to Millward Brown (MB), advertisers will be better prepared for what 2015 brings. The firm has just released its annual set of predictions regarding all aspects of the digital and media realm, some of which we present below.

Shifting the focus from “big” to “intelligent” data will take center stage this year. MB anticipates a greater focus placed on quality of data insights, rather than sheer quantity of information gathered. To support their prediction, the firm quotes the wise words of William Ellery Channing: “It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind’s dignity”

Smart micro-videos will succeed as a novel ad platform if they are creative, captivating and coordinated with overall brand campaigns. They must resonate with consumers and have the capacity to go viral. MB reminds us that every second should count.

Understanding consumer screen preference will be important for targeting ads and “optimizing multiscreen campaigns.” It turns out that whether consumers use a tablet, smart phone or PC largely depends on their generation, as well as their task load—how much concentration and effort is needed to do the task at hand.

Native advertising, MB says, will be “huge” in 2015. In order to be effective, these ads must be clearly delineated as such, but also fit in with the tone and style of the site on which they are displayed. Over all, the ad content must truly resonate with the target audience and avoid appearing simply as “propaganda.”

Location-based marketing is a powerful tool for marketers. However, if brands are truly to succeed, they must leverage this data in order to help their customers—not themselves. People will want customized, geo-targeted ads that reach them in the here and now, without, as MB suggests, being “creepy.” Using this data well will enable brands to be personally relevant to consumers, setting those brands apart from competitors.

View the full report and read the other six predictions here:


Sarah Stites

This article was written by Research Rockstar intern Sarah Stites. Sarah is a student at Grove City College, and is a member of the Research Rockstar Scholarship program for college students.

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  1. Is it really possible for geo-targeted ads to not be creepy? We have been considering using them, but we’re just not sure.

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