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Mrk Rx 101A theme we have been exploring recently in our market research conversations broadcasts on YouTube is job trends. One specific trend we have noticed with corporate research is either aligning more closely or actually integrating the market research and consumer insights function with other functions such as marketing analytics or marketing.

The purpose of these integrations is often to bring similar skills together – such as bringing the data-savvy folks under one roof. When a transition like this happens, it’s important to work to understand each other’s roles and skills so you can start to speak the same language. Sure, we can all “speak data” but someone coming from outside the market research and consumer insights function may not understand the science, methodologies, and magic of research.

One of the suggestions we share that helps to establish a common set of foundational knowledge across an integrated team is to have those new-to-research folks take our Market Research 101 class. Market Research 101, kicking off August 17th, is a four-week power program that is fun and fast-paced and provides that market research foundation. Click here for the class agenda.

Market Research 101 includes:

  • Introduction to market research jargon
  • What all researchers need to know about sampling
  • Qualitative research methods and common project scopes
  • Quantitative research methods and common project scopes
  • Common market research applications
  • Market research industry overview: client and supplier types
  • The Top 5 Market Research Myths…corrected

Get everyone on the same page and moving forward in the same direction by understanding the basics of research with Market Research 101.


Katie Clark

VP of Content Marketing and Strategy at Research Rockstar LLC

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