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Intro to QDA Course ImageIt happens. You’re humming along doing your work and *ding* a project lands in your inbox that you didn’t see coming. Not an uncommon occurrence, right?

It is inherent in our industry that this happens: whether it is a last-minute project due “yesterday” or a project that stretches you waaaaaay outside your comfort zone. This is one of the reasons we are such evangelists for training and continuing education! The more prepared you are, the more adept you are at navigating those “surprise” projects.

If you are newer to the industry, or primarily qual-focused, it’s important to also have the quant basics in your toolkit especially when it comes to analyzing quant data.

In our upcoming Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis we teach the basics of quant analysis in a fun, practical, and hands-on way that includes examples, exercises, and real-time demonstrations. You do not need a background in statistics to take this class.

In Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis you will build a solid foundation in quantitative analysis and learn about:

  • Creating a data analysis plan
  • Basic concepts in data analysis
  • Crosstabs and “predictive” analytics
  • Data analysis considerations and whether your data is reliable
  • How to draw logical conclusions and review

After all, market research done without a solid understanding of how to analyze data isn’t really market research. It’s just data collection.

Looking to get certified? This class qualifies for PRC credits and is also an approved class for the Insights Association Certificate in Quantitative Research Principles

Note: This class does not include hands-on programming. For hands-on programming lessons, we recommend using the many excellent tutorials offered by the statistics software companies. Depending on which stats tools you plan to use, your hands-on training needs will vary.


Katie Clark

VP of Content Marketing and Strategy at Research Rockstar LLC

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