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Are you the Tim Ferriss of Market Research?

SPSS 300x200No one is an expert at any skill overnight— even best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, the self-proclaimed “human Guinea pig” who hacks everything from productivity to learning to dating (!) didn’t learn any of his skills overnight.

If you don’t know of Ferriss, he is a leader in “accelerated learning” which has led to a wide variety of interesting accomplishments: the first American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango, a national Chinese kickboxing champion, speaks five languages (and counting), and wrote four bestselling books.

He’s a strong personality and people tend to love him or hate him, but it’s hard to argue with his method of learning. He doesn’t try to master these skills on his own by reading books or watching videos. Instead, he goes straight to the source and partners with the world’s best teachers in the skill he is trying to learn.

We could take a page from his playbook for learning research and insights skills. When you really want to master a skill you go to the experts, right? You find the master at their trade and ask question after question, practice and get feedback, and ask some more questions until you’ve got that skill nailed.

Think about research and insights skills like SPSS, which is such a foundational skill that the Insights Association includes our Introduction to SPSS* class (starting June 30) as an approved class for their Insights Association Certificate in Quantitative Research Principles. Have you been putting off learning skills like SPSS because the thought of it is too daunting? Then take a page from Ferris’ playbook and seek out the experts here at Research Rockstar.

Check out what one of our students had to say about Research Rockstar classes:

“I have never had the kind of instructor student engagement in any other online course. The instructors did a fantastic job of getting student participation and including us in the course. An overall great experience!”

~Consumer Insights Analyst

Don’t go it alone. Be the Tim Ferriss of market research and reach out to the expert instructors for guidance in honing your research and insights skills.

*The Introduction to SPSS class does not include an SPSS license; all students must have their own SPSS license in order to fully participate. All in class exercises require SPSS.

Interested in more advanced SPSS training? Check out our new SPSS 201 course.



Katie Clark

VP of Content Marketing and Strategy at Research Rockstar LLC

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