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Recycling Your Market Research Investment: Improving Quantitative Research ROI

Recycling is not just for plastics and paper. Have you ever had the feeling that the data you collected for one market research project could be repurposed (recycled), if only you had the time? Or have you

110 Ways to Handle Project Overload

End of year can be a surprisingly busy time for market researchers. Some clients have “left over” budget they need to spend. Others are trying to get a head start on 2015. And then you get a

Will This Sloppy, Boring, Error-ridden Market Research Report Do?

When consumers purchase a product, they expect to get what they paid for. This is also true when companies purchase market research; unfortunately some no longer receive the high-quality tangible product they paid for, at least

In-House Versus Outside-Agency Customer Interviews

It may not be an age-old debate, but it’s one I’ve been hearing a lot lately. In market research, customer interviews (or in-depth interviews, or IDIs) are often a key part of a broader research study. If

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results: Jumping To Conclusions

If you are tracking customer satisfaction at regular intervals, say quarterly or monthly, you may have found that your colleagues want explanations for every increase or decrease in scores—even minor ones. Do the latest results show slight

Market Segmentation: What to Look For in A Project Proposal

Here are a few practical tips about what you should see in a market segmentation proposal. If you see these things, it tells you that this proposal is from an experienced market research firm that understands

Market Research Budget Planning Tip 1: Getting Lower Fees from Your Research Suppliers

One of the easiest ways to improve budget efficiency is to simply ask your research suppliers: “What options can you offer to reduce our research costs?” Let them know you are open to creative ideas.

Build A Virtual Market Research Department in 30 Days

If you have been thinking about expanding your market research investments but still aren’t quite ready to build an in-house team, another option is to build a virtual one.

Market Research Agencies: 2 Tips for Clients

There are several points in a market research project where you, as the client-side manager, need to be particularly cautious. Here are two of the big ones.

2 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Market Research Agency

Planning to hire a market research agency to help with a project? Before you do, be sure to create a list of questions you will use to assess potential agencies for fit and qualifications. Some questions are