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In the Wild

No, I’m not talking about Survivor: Market Research (how fascinating would that be!), I’m talking about ethnography. Mobile ethnography specifically. As you know, ethnography is the practice of spending time with a subject group to better understand behaviors, interactions and overall culture. Researchers have long been facilitating ethnography projects: observing people in their homes and […]

What Language Should I Learn?

Python, C#, PHP, C, C++, Java, Perl, D3, R, Ruby, Swift, Go, and more… The list of programming languages reads like alphabet soup, and every year a new language seems to enter the market. There is increasing pressure for workers both seasoned and new to the marketplace to learn programming languages, and it’s true that […]

Stressed over Satisfaction?

Let’s engage in a little “stress test”. When you think of customer satisfaction research, do you: Wonder how your organization will actually use the results when the project is done? Worry that you don’t know enough to anticipate likely roadblocks? Feel a bit stunned by some of the proposed budgets? Feel concerned that you’re going […]


Do you have a favorite job interview question? Some like the Google-ish interview questions like: “How many ways can you think of to find a needle in a haystack?” Others like case-based questions that have you problem-solve out loud such as: “”How much time does it take to relocate an average size mountain 10 miles […]

Use Dashboards to Stand Out

I recently sat in on a research presentation, and at the conclusion of a thorough PowerPoint presentation with excellent data analysis and many actionable thought-starters, the senior executive approached the lead researcher and said: “This is great, but could you also give me a one-page dashboard on this?” From the researcher’s perspective, this request could […]

My Date with Big Bird at Quirk’s Brooklyn

Two days at the Brooklyn Quirk’s event went by in an instant! The event drew a lot of attendees from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. But I also met a fair number of people from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and even Ohio and Illinois! Here are some of my highlights from this great event: Catching up […]

Katie Clark (@InsightsGal) Joins the Research Rockstar Team!

Katie Clark (known throughout the market research socialverse as @InsightsGal) has joined the Research Rockstar team to serve as its new Vice President of Content Marketing & Strategy. In this role, Katie is leading our expanding efforts to promote skill and knowledge advancement to the market research and insights profession.

Measuring Customer Lifetime Value

We are excited to offer a free Guest Lecture webinar on Friday, April 14th at 1 PM Eastern on the hot topic of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)! Segmentation and targeting strategies based on determining the lifetime value of your customers will grow revenue and profit for your company. Hear from (and interact with) customer analytics […]

Let’s Focus

Focus groups have been a mainstay of market research for decades and are well known to both researchers and non-researchers. For instance, hearing “I want to run a focus group” from a client can sometimes mean they want to pursue research in general (that happened to me countless times). Focus groups are well known enough […]

What Makes Conjoint Analysis Compelling?

What if…? “What if we include this item in our smartphone product bundle, would that appeal to customers?” “What if we change the location of our annual conference?” “How important is it for us to include car rental in the vacation packages we offer?” Have questions like the above arisen in conversations with your clients? […]