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Announcing a 10-episode series, “Conversations for Research Rockstars.” Please join the conversation on YouTube or the accompanying podcast (available on iTunes). Hosted by Kathryn Korostoff, with occasional special guests, the series is available now.

Stepping Up Your Qualitative Skills

What’s the phrase – don’t bite off more than you can chew? Essentially don’t try to accomplish everything all at once — that is a recipe for failure. Rather, take things step-by-step (or bite-by-bite) and you’re bound to be successful! I was talking to a colleague recently who runs a very quant-heavy group. However, some […]

Be Your Client’s Best Resource

Always top-of-mind for us here at Research Rockstar is thinking about how to best equip you with the tools you need to be the best resource for your clients when it comes to all things research and insights. Being the best resource for your clients means: Keeping your ear to the ground for new developments […]

Are you sure you’re not introducing bias? (With mini case study!)

As research and insights professionals, we spend a lot of time making sure we eliminate bias from our projects. Why? So that when we deliver our analysis and insights, we are providing the most objective information possible. There are many sources of bias, including: Participant Bias Is there something about our instruments or in our […]

Focus on Insights

Focus groups can be amazing – yielding fresh, rich, customer insights. They can be frustrating, ending up with a “data point of 1 = the loudest person in the room” and a lack of insights. Or, focus groups can land anywhere on that spectrum. The key is to learn how to manage focus groups well […]

Harvard Got It Wrong: HBR Article Has Risky Advice for Customer Satisfaction Research

I love most HBR articles, and dove in eagerly. Alas, while fascinating research, the strategy this article implies is quite problematic. I want to address two problems with this strategy:.........

How are your Excel skills?

The list of how people use Excel is endless. Manage your budget Log your running stats Prep a mailing list Create a home inventory Chart your health stats Excel has become such an everyday tool that it’s often overlooked that Excel is also a powerhouse for data analysis. There is no need to pay premium […]

Are You Listening?

“Should I use Twitter or has it just turned into a megaphone for sales?” “Hashtags are so confusing” “What’s my first step on Instagram” “What the heck is Snapchat?” These are questions that we often hear from clients. But let’s be clear: from a research standpoint, these are not the questions we should be addressing. […]

Need help with questionnaire programming?

Before I started working for Research Rockstar, I was a client! When I needed to get my staff on the same page regarding a specific skill (qualitative report writing for example), I had them go through Research Rockstar training to establish that baseline. As a busy corporate research manager, I also needed to contend with […]

Showcase Your Research and Insights Expertise with an IA Certificate

You and I know the truth. Not just anyone can be a market researcher! It takes skill, savvy, and some secret sauce thrown in there. But, unfortunately, today anyone can claim to be a “market research professional” and there is no legal requirement in order to be a professional (like there is with doctors, lawyers, […]