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Conjoint Analysis — Confusing or Compelling?

“Do you do conjoint analysis? I’ve heard that it can be helpful in determining product features. Can you tell me more?”  Often the first time conjoint comes up is in a client conversation.  If you’re not skilled in conjoint analysis, how can you best counsel your client? Conjoint analysis can be powerful when done well, […]

End of Year Holiday Listening Bundle!

The holiday season is all hustle and bustle — purchasing gifts, tending to family, updating Facebook with family updates and holiday information, and celebrating end of year successes at the office. While you’re among family, friends, coworkers and fellow shoppers (and even online) do you find yourself keenly listening to the conversations around you? As […]

More Alike than Different: The Changing Roles of Corporate and Supplier Researchers

he roles of clients and suppliers are now overlapping and intersecting in exciting new ways. Some of these new intersections are creating career advancement opportunities, and even new business and organizational structures. Some are creating pain for teams that need to adjust to the new reality....

Social Media Data — Are Market Researchers Listening?

In 90 minutes of class time we provide a comprehensive overview of how social media and market research converge. The rich content of the class includes examples, software demonstrations, interactive exercises, and real-time Q&A with the instructor. In a world where ....

Six New Training Classes for Market Researcher Professionals Seeking Career Advancement

A recent survey of Research Rockstar clients tested interest in 22 specific training topics. Based on the survey results, and subsequent follow-up interviews with select participants, the following topics have been chosen:............

How Much Money Do Other Research Teams Spend per Employee on Training? Planning a Professional Development Program for Your Market Research & Insights Team

Per the Association for Talent Development (ATD), most companies set goals and budgets each year for talent development.  ATD’s research on 2015 training spending found that US organizations spent an average of $1,229 per employee. Spending does vary by profession; for example, sales training averaged $1,459.[1]  As for market research professionals? Alas, not broken out […]

Are Your Qualitative Research Reports Damaged by Researcher Bias?

Don’t be the researcher who relies on their personal recall to bang out a report in a couple of hours—that researcher is not leveraging this wonderful resource, and is likely injecting their own biases into the process. Indeed, researcher bias is a very real phenomenon....

Newsflash: You are about to be Leapfrogged

The new generation of “market researchers”, “insights analysts”, or “flavor-of-the-day-substitute-job-titles” have 2 attributes that will allow them to leapfrog...

Your Marketing Research Association Certificate Awaits

Want a new credential that showcases your research expertise? The Marketing Research Association offers a Certificate in Qualitative Research Principles, and one in Quantitative Research Principles.   This is a credential that shows you have expertise and skills, and are committed to our profession’s excellence.   To earn an MRA Specialty Certificate, you must complete […]

How to save $200,000 on Big Data & Customer Analytics Staff

Big Data. CX. UX. How can a company take advantage of these burgeoning fields of business optimization without hiring dozens of experts? After all, either someone needs to do all of this amazing work, or at least be expert enough to manage the outsourcers who do it for you.