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Open-ended Questions: Fantastic or Frustrating?

If you ask a researcher about open-ended questions you may receive two answers: “open-ended questions are fantastic” and “open-ended questions are frustrating.” Why is that? Open-ended questions are fantastic because they allow us to gather rich feedback. When placed in a quantitative survey, open-ended questions allow us to get to the “why” behind respondents’ answers […]

[Free Mini Lesson Inside] Meet the Data Analytics Superhero of Your Dreams: Excel

Having a hard time believing that mild-mannered Excel is really a superhero waiting to save the day? Check out this sample video from the course, where you get to watch and hear instructor Dan Reynolds demonstrate ANOVA using Excel:

Observe, Ask, Analyze — Enhance Your Qualitative Research Skills

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2017, the focus for many of us is on renewal and growth. Consider how many “New Year, New You” advertisements you see in January. At work, the new year is the time to focus on the year ahead with audacious goal-setting and strategic planning. For many of us, […]

Riffs On-demand: Mini Lectures on Hot Research Topics

Research Rockstar students now have access to free on-demand (OD) content. We are mining hundreds of hours of class recordings to pull out short segments on various qualitative and quantitative topics. Each research "riff" is 5 to 15 minutes in duration. Topics now available: 95% Confidence Interval Defined, Statistical Terminology, and report writing tips.

Mobile Ethnography Makes Observational Research Scalable and Practical

Observational methods have always been alluring because they side-step some of these issues. Rather than rely on people to self-report how they shop, problems encountered in the kitchen or steps taken when doing an activity, why not watch them? Ethnographic research to the rescue!

Have You Heard the Big News? A New Professional Association for Research & Insights Professionals!

The Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) are merging: the new Insights Association officially launches January 1, 2017.

[New Course Announcement] It’s Time to Master Open-ended Questions

New Market Research Training. Experienced researchers know that data from OE questions often gets neglected—diamonds in the rough, just waiting to get polished. What a waste of value! In this course, students will get hands-on with the coding process, so they can make their OE data really shine.

Conjoint Analysis — Confusing or Compelling?

“Do you do conjoint analysis? I’ve heard that it can be helpful in determining product features. Can you tell me more?”  Often the first time conjoint comes up is in a client conversation.  If you’re not skilled in conjoint analysis, how can you best counsel your client? Conjoint analysis can be powerful when done well, […]

End of Year Holiday Listening Bundle!

The holiday season is all hustle and bustle — purchasing gifts, tending to family, updating Facebook with family updates and holiday information, and celebrating end of year successes at the office. While you’re among family, friends, coworkers and fellow shoppers (and even online) do you find yourself keenly listening to the conversations around you? As […]

More Alike than Different: The Changing Roles of Corporate and Supplier Researchers

he roles of clients and suppliers are now overlapping and intersecting in exciting new ways. Some of these new intersections are creating career advancement opportunities, and even new business and organizational structures. Some are creating pain for teams that need to adjust to the new reality....