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Newsflash: You are about to be Leapfrogged

The new generation of “market researchers”, “insights analysts”, or “flavor-of-the-day-substitute-job-titles” have 2 attributes that will allow them to leapfrog...

Your Marketing Research Association Certificate Awaits

Want a new credential that showcases your research expertise? The Marketing Research Association offers a Certificate in Qualitative Research Principles, and one in Quantitative Research Principles.   This is a credential that shows you have expertise and skills, and are committed to our profession’s excellence.   To earn an MRA Specialty Certificate, you must complete […]

How to save $200,000 on Big Data & Customer Analytics Staff

Big Data. CX. UX. How can a company take advantage of these burgeoning fields of business optimization without hiring dozens of experts? After all, either someone needs to do all of this amazing work, or at least be expert enough to manage the outsourcers who do it for you.

Here’s Your Chance to Learn SPSS the Fun & Easy Way

Don't put off learning SPSS any longer. We make learning SPSS fun and easy: learn more about SPSS training here.

What new class topics should we offer in 2017?

What training topics would you like to see for the market research and customer insights profession?

Be Part of the Marketing Research Community: Attend CRC in San Francisco

Three days in San Fran with hundreds of my market research colleagues? Count me in. The MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference is coming up September 26-28, and will be held in San Francisco.

[Market Research Articles] Our Top 10 Summer Reading List

  For your summer reading pleasure, we’ve assembled 10 of our best articles so far of 2016. They include highly relevant, current topics for market research professionals. We hope you enjoy these top picks from the Research Rockstar blog. July 27, 2016 Rank Order vs. Point Allocation – Which is the Better Option? All survey […]

Last Call for Summer Training!

Summertime is a great time for eLearning. Save a spot in one of our upcoming classes on qualitative and quantitative market research topics.

Rank Order vs. Point Allocation – Which Is The Better Option?

All survey designers, at some point in their career, will face the challenge of having to maximize information content for their clients while balancing the cognitive load we are asking of our respondents. This post examines two options for eliciting a respondent’s preference – rank-order versus point allocation exercises. Rank order questions are in common […]

Open-ended Questions: The Home Exercise Machine of Survey Research

Americans happily buy $1,000+ pieces of home exercise equipment, with the best of intentions. But what happens when the slick new gear is unpacked and assembled? Nothing. Many home exercise machines are unused. Stationary bikes become expensive clothing racks. Elliptical become awkward home décor. In survey research, we also waste an “expensive” item: the open-ended […]