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The Best Market Research Blogs

All of the blogs in our list cover timely topics—they are great resources to keep you current, without dragging you too deep into “shiny object” syndrome. BTW, in the interest of keeping this list unbiased, we did not include our own blog.Click here to download our updated list of The Best Market Research Blogs now.

How to Plan a Great 2016 for Your Market Research? The answer in five questions.

As you put together your 2016 calendar, talk to your clients (external or internal) about what they envision as upcoming needs. Planning ahead makes everyone feel confident, so go ahead and ask your clients some specific questions now. For example: •"Do you have brand awareness research that needs to be refreshed?".........

Yes, You Can Analyze Survey Data Using Excel

Spearheaded by Dan, we have developed a new curriculum around Excel as a data analysis tool. This training uses a flipped classroom model, supported by pre-recorded video lessons. In this model, the students watch videos as “homework” to learn the concepts. Then they meet the instructor in real-time in the virtual classroom

Quirk’s Event 2016 Workshop: Mobile Self-Ethnography

...students will learn about the new area of ethnography which allows people to basically research themselves. With mobile devices, consumers can opt-in to a research experience by taking in-the-moment picture or video content, capturing sound bites or scanning QR codes anytime or anywhere. This might just be the most promising aspect of mobility in market research.

Are Market Research Project Managers Ready for New Project Management Tools?

If your past project management tool experience was that it took more time to update the tool than to do the work, you are not alone. But a lot has changed in the past few years. Tools are now available that are easy, intuitive, and compatible with existing business processes.

Update Your Data Visualization Skills in a Fun, Fast-Paced Workshop

When researchers fail to use the correct visual display, it often results in a failure to communicate the most important insights. Our Data Visualization workshop will mitigate this risk by providing attendees a broad set of visual displays from which to choose, and guidance on when to use them. We’ll help you move beyond stale and over-used visuals...

Excel Versus SPSS? It’s Closer Than You Think

What if Excel could do 80% of the data analysis tasks that you use SPSS for?
If you haven't looked at Excel as a survey data analysis tool in a while, look again. Better still, come take our brand new, one-of-a-kind class: Excel for Market Research Data Analysis. This 4-week program starts with pivot tables, covers t-test and chi-square tests, and continues up to and including regression. All in Excel.

Questionnaire Design 201: Online or In-Person

So, are your questionnaire design skills current? Are you over-relying on scales that are known to be subject to acquiescence bias? Or maybe you are just looking to expand the variety of scales you can use for different research topics?

Self-paced vs. Real-time eLearning: an Interview with Kathryn Korostoff

(Interviewer's note: Kathryn has trained more than 1,000 market researchers, and is the author of How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies. She is the lead instructor at Research Rockstar. - Kirk E.)
Kirk: People hear phrases like "instructor led," "on demand," "synchronous learning," and it gets a bit confusing. Can you clarify?
Kathryn: Sure. It's less complicated than you might think.

The Quirk’s Event, 2016

There are four 4-hour workshops to choose from (topic details below). Each one begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m., with a one-and-a-half hour lunch break. Sign up NOW for the Quirk's Event 2016. To ensure the highest-quality learning experience, class size is limited.