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Does Your Company Have a Diversity Purchasing Policy? Workplace diversity has become increasingly important in recent years. But in addition to hiring a diverse workforce, did you know that many corporations have also implemented diversity purchasing policies? Large companies and government agencies often commit thirty percent of their annual purchasing to minority and woman-owned enterprises.…

Article Synopsis: “Selective Sensitization: Consuming a Food Activates a Goal to Consume its Complements”

Journal of Marketing Research By Young Eun Huh, Joachim Vosgerau and Carey Morewedge Written by Research Rockstar intern Sarah Stites Have you ever baked a batch of cookies, only to realize that you were out of milk? Even though you normally don’t crave the beverage, eating cookies suddenly increased the desirability of a refreshing, cold…

Want Employees to Embrace Change? Train Them

As Wadors states, “Preparing people for change isn’t only the job of universities. Leaders in today’s organizations now have to figure out the best ways to identify, reward, and motivate…while supporting the constant need to learn. To atrophy is to lose in the market.”

[New Article Synopsis] Current Thinking on Scale Labeling

Article Synopsis: Should I label all scale points or just the end points for attitudinal questions? E-Journal Survey Practice By Aaron Maitland Written by Research Rockstar intern Sarah Stites Experienced market researchers know that survey design is both an art and science, involving thoughtful consideration of question wording and order, length and scale selection. When…

Article Synopsis: “The Impact of Survey Duration on Completion Rates Among Millennial Respondents”

After the duration of a survey surpassed the fifteen minute mark, roughly one in ten participants gave up. Moving toward twenty minutes, around 25 percent of participants abandoned the survey.

The Best Market Research Blogs

All of the blogs in our list cover timely topics—they are great resources to keep you current, without dragging you too deep into “shiny object” syndrome. BTW, in the interest of keeping this list unbiased, we did not include our own blog.Click here to download our updated list of The Best Market Research Blogs now.

How to Plan a Great 2016 for Your Market Research? The answer in five questions.

As you put together your 2016 calendar, talk to your clients (external or internal) about what they envision as upcoming needs. Planning ahead makes everyone feel confident, so go ahead and ask your clients some specific questions now. For example: •"Do you have brand awareness research that needs to be refreshed?".........

Yes, You Can Analyze Survey Data Using Excel

Spearheaded by Dan, we have developed a new curriculum around Excel as a data analysis tool. This training uses a flipped classroom model, supported by pre-recorded video lessons. In this model, the students watch videos as “homework” to learn the concepts. Then they meet the instructor in real-time in the virtual classroom

Quirk’s Event 2016 Workshop: Mobile Self-Ethnography

...students will learn about the new area of ethnography which allows people to basically research themselves. With mobile devices, consumers can opt-in to a research experience by taking in-the-moment picture or video content, capturing sound bites or scanning QR codes anytime or anywhere. This might just be the most promising aspect of mobility in market research.

Are Market Research Project Managers Ready for New Project Management Tools?

If your past project management tool experience was that it took more time to update the tool than to do the work, you are not alone. But a lot has changed in the past few years. Tools are now available that are easy, intuitive, and compatible with existing business processes.