MRXU: The Free Market Research Twitterversity

On January 11, Research Rockstar will be hosting a Market Research Twitterversity, complete with visiting professors. 117 market research lessons will be released over 17 hours. Hashtag #MRXU.

The content is aimed at anyone interested in learning market research basics—people who may be new to conducting, using, purchasing or receiving market research.

  • Are you a market research manager? You might find this useful for your internal clients or junior staff.
  • Are you with a market research agency? You may find this useful for newer hires, interns, or sales staff.
  • Are you a marketing professor? Your students will find this content easy to grasp.
  • Are you a business professional who sometimes receives market research reports? You may find these mini-lessons will help you to get more value from those reports.

While market research has many advanced topics that require specialized training, basic knowledge is realistic for anyone with an interest.

Please join us on January 11th, 2011.

MRXU Twitterversity Agenda (all times are US, Eastern Standard Time)

6:00 AM Basic Concepts & Common Jargon

8:00 AM Introduction to Market Research Project Planning

10:00 AM About Survey Projects

12:00 PM (Noon) About Qualitative Research

2:00 PM Emerging Research Methods

4:00 PM Receiving Research Results

5:00 PM Delivering Research Results

7:00 PM Tips for MR Buyers

9:00 PM Market Research Career Planning

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