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Twitterversity News!

Based on input from attendees of the first Twitterversity, the next two topics have been selected and are scheduled as follows:

July 19: Social Media Research: 101 Social Media Research Tips

July 28: Principles of Market Research Project Management

Thanks to all who provided suggestions and ideas. Your input has been instrumental in planning these next two events.

For those who missed the first Twitterversity, this is a Twitter-only event where mini-lessons are released with the hashtag #MRXU. It’s a great way to capture facts, definitions, and best practices.

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Kathryn Korostoff

Kathryn Korostoff is founder and lead instructor at Research Rockstar. Over the past 25 years, she has personally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100 bylined articles in magazines. She is also a professor at Boston University, where she teaches grad students how to analyze and report quantitative data.

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