Market Segmentation for Marketing Success

Why Segment Markets

A market segmentation model can help your organization optimize how it defines, finds and appeals to important customer groups. It can inform decisions about messaging, sales strategies, product roadmaps, strategic planning and more. It can even be used to identify what customer groups to avoid.

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Niche Marketing

For most companies, competition is fierce. To rise above it and succeed, innovative companies seek out profitable market niches. Finding, profiling and targeting niche markets is far more efficient than treating a target market as one generalized group.

Market segmentation research is an objective, efficient method for developing a niche marketing strategy.  Such studies deliver the information you need to prioritize among potential niches, so you can pursue a sales and marketing strategy with confidence.

How to Start a Segmentation Program

Resources from Research Rockstar:

Two of the popular Market Research magazines occasionally cover market segmentation topics:

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  • A good overview article article from SDR Consulting as posted on the Greenbook site: Lessons Learned
  • Another article, even though it’s 10 years old, makes some excellent points about the benefits and challenges: McKinsey Quarterly