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You can create a market segmentation model. With confidence.

9 Ways Market Segmentation Improves Business Success
A market segmentation model can help your organization optimize how it defines, finds and appeals to important customer groups. It can inform decisions about messaging, sales strategies, product roadmaps, strategic planning and more. It can even be used to identify what customer groups to avoid.

Learn how market segmentation can help your company make money. And save money.

Research Rockstar’s “9 Ways Market Segmentation Improves Business Success,” details the real-world benefits, in a concise, easy-to-read white paper. This is a “refresh” of a white paper we published two years ago, which became one of our most popular downloads ever!

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Market Segmentation Definition

Market segmentation is all about sales and marketing ROI. The premise is that to maximize sales to a large population of customers, it is best to divide it into logical subgroups. By dividing one large, generalized market into segments, you can fine-tune your product, messaging, promotional, distribution and related strategies to meet the specific needs of unique customer groups.

Segmentation models vary from basic to complex, and the approaches to developing and applying them is a topic for an entire book itself. But this white paper describes the nine most common benefits that a segmentation model delivers, so you can decide how to get started with your segmentation strategy.

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