Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 16 of 20

Becoming a Remarkable Researcher Means Letting Go of Dated Assumptions and Embracing Change


Let’s not miss the boat clinging on to old dogma! Instead, let’s challenge old assumptions and the industry’s tired dogma of research being “great, cheap, and fast – pick any two.” Why can’t research be great, cheap, and fast? Low-cost survey tools have automated reporting (some are quite good). New sample sources reduce the cost per complete and in some cases give access to more qualified participants. New methods allow us to conduct “phase 1” research in days instead of weeks. This is all truly remarkable. Let’s embrace it!


[This is the sixteenth article in a series of 20 mini-posts titled, “Principles of Remarkable Research.” Don’t want to miss this series? Subscribe to our blog via email or RSS.]

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