Computer-Based Training for Market Research Excellence

Business Man Sitting On Floor With Laptop Hands OutComputer-based training (CBT), also known as eLearning, is a time-efficient, cost-effective training option for busy professionals.

Self-paced Learning

Research Rockstar classes are self-paced. Watch when you want, pause when you want, re-start when you want.

Easy Access

Anyone with internet access and a browser can access a class. No travel!

Low-cost alternative to in-person seminars

Not everyone has the time, or money, to attend 2-day seminars out-of-state. CBT removes geographic boundaries to learning.


Learn what you want, when you want. So many seminars seem to throw in a mind-numbing mix of tangential content to fill up their 2 or 3 day agendas. With CBT, we can offer very precise topics so you can get what you need, and quickly.

Market Research Training

Whether you think of it as computer-based training, eLearning, or whatever, the idea of accessing learning material over the Internet is powerful. Research Rockstar is dedicated to offering convenient access to practical content. Plus, because the material is all online, it can be easily customized if your team has special interests.

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