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Want To Analyze Survey Data Like A Pro? Then Learn SPSS!

No previous SPSS experience required! These courses feature real-time demonstrations, so you can follow along with your instructor and ask questions step-by-step. It’s like having an SPSS coach!

Intro to SPSS: Starts November 16th

New to SPSS? Get started with our step-by-step Intro to SPSS course.

This 4-week course starts with the very basics (importing/formatting data), and covers t-tests, ANOVA, and crosstabs with significance testing. No previous SPSS experience required!

$475 per student

SPSS 201: Starts January 9th

Are you ready to try multi-level crosstabs, weighting, factor analysis and regression? Check out the details here, and sign up today.

As always, classes are fully recorded so you can review the lessons as often as you like for 60 days.

$475 per student

$950 for both? Nope. Get the bundle! Both courses for just $800Our SPSS bundle will get you ready to rock when analyzing your survey data.

Please note: Students must have their own SPSS license (version 18 or higher) to participate; Research Rockstar does not sell SPSS licenses.

Prerequisites: Existing familiarity with descriptive statistics and crosstabs required. This course does not teach basic statistics; it is a hands-on course in using SPSS.  To learn basic data analysis concepts, please see Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis.

SPSS is a trademark of IBM.


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