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Riffs On-demand: Mini Lectures on Hot Research Topics

Research Rockstar students asked us for more on-demand (OD) content—and we heard you! So we are mining hundreds of hours of class recordings to pull out short segments on various qualitative and quantitative topics.

Each research “riff” is 5 to 15 minutes in duration. Perfect for a quick answer, or the following uses:

  • Lunch-and-Learn fodder. Gather a group of colleagues, and watch a video together. It will be a great conversation starter.
  • Energizer content. Feeling sapped? A 5-minute video on a hot topic may be just the inspiration you need.

All current students and Backstage Pass holders have free access to this new OD content. Not a student? Consider signing up for a course, or get 12 months access with a Backstage Pass.

We are starting with a batch on research fundamentals. The first four riffs are now available in the Training Portal. You can find them in your catalog—just select the ones you want, and watch instantly. The next seven riffs will be released over the next few weeks.

Initial Riff topics:

  1. 95% Confidence Interval Defined*
  2. Anatomy of a Research Report
  3. Confidence Intervals*
  4. Crosstabs Defined
  5. Data Analysis Planning
  6. Four Types of Data
  7. Frequency Distributions &The Problem with Means
  8. Report Titles: Yes, They Matter*
  9. Reporting: Know Your Audience
  10. Reporting: You Need a Plan
  11. Statistical Terminology*

* Available now in the Training Portal.


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