What’s on your mind these days? Are you rethinking how you structure your market research department?  Developing new market research strategies? Or perhaps you are planning how to optimize your internal clients’ use of market research?

Whatever the issue, you may want access to an experienced researcher for unbiased experience-sharing. And remember, Research Rockstar does not sell market research services—so we have no hidden agenda.

Popular consulting engagements include:

Market Research Audit. If you are resource-constrained, you may decide to have someone else conduct the market research audit for you. With a little help, you can get your audit done and complete the process with a clear action plan.

Market Research RFP development. No time to create your own RFP, or just want to leverage someone else’s expertise? We’ll write the RFP for you. Note: most RFPs require at least 2 weeks to write (due to the process of clarifying project goals, etc.).

Market Research Agency Short-lists. Based on your needs, budget and other criteria, Research Rockstar will manage the process of getting you a short list of no more than 3 agencies.  Note: we don’t endorse any specific agencies, and will not make the final selection.

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To set up a time to discuss a consulting need, call (508) 691-6004 (ext. 705) or use our contact form.