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How to Amp Up the Insights Content in Your Deliverables

Yes, we all know it: clients need insights, not data. And we try, right? We craft executive summaries that synthesize data into key findings. We seek out the key patterns that address our clients’ information goals.

So why is there still a clarion call to amp up insights?

In many cases, we researchers believe we have delivered results that should ignite insights. But given common client feedback, it seems there is more we can do.

The process of creating deliverables that ignite insights can feel very conceptual, almost abstract. So, to help market research professionals amp up their insights, I recommend two steps.

Step 1: Work with your team to create a formal definition of “insights”

Does your team have a shared definition of “insights”?  What does it mean to your team? What specific definition of “insight” can create a common vision for your team’s deliverables? Here’s a YouTube video I did recently on this exact subject, and it includes several definition options.

Step 2: Consider getting expert guidance

Sometimes, getting outside guidance can be just the spark needed to advance from key findings to insights. I recommend a customer insights expert who has worked with many major brands: John Holcombe. John coaches teams on practical strategies and best practices, and is bringing his lessons to Research Rockstar students in a 2-session course with real world examples.  The special one-time-only course, Creating Customer Insights That Inspire, will be held December 5th and 12th (two consecutive Tuesdays), from 11 to 12:30 eastern. As with all Research Rockstar courses, the sessions are fully recorded, so if you miss a day—no worries. Learn more and get the course agenda here. Note: this is a one-time course, so be sure to save your spot.


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