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Announcing Two Brand New Classes: Infographics & Video Research

Infographics for Market Researchers
Video-based Research Methods!

Infographics for
Market Researchers

Research Methods

April 16th & 23rd 11 AM -12 PM ETMay 21st & 28th 11 AM -12:30 PM ET

Want a new way to grab your audience’s attention? The answer may be infographics.  Market researchers routinely gather, analyze and turn data into client reports.  However, creating a visual representation of the data into meaningful and useful information is an art as well as a science.

Infographics has exploded over the past few years, showing up in newspapers, flyers and even holiday cards. These visually powerful graphics can also be used to report research results. As long as the underlying data is credible, valid and verifiable, infographics can be a wonderful way to spotlight your data. This class will show you six easy steps to create an infographic.  You will view over 30 different market research infographic samples to inspire you!

“Infographics for Market Researchers” is a two-day class.  You will view market research infographics, both good and bad.  You will also be introduced to infographic websites which leverage templates to create infographics.  Finally, after this class, not only will you develop a keen eye for data visualizations, but you will also create an infographic of your own!

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Video-based research methods are hot. Indeed, we market researchers are witnessing a notable spike in use of video IDIs, video focus groups, video ethnography, and video diaries. These methods have advantages in terms of truly discovering and gauging consumer emotions, aspirations and values.

Why is that important? We are more aware than ever before of the limitations of self-reporting such things (thanks to the popularity of research on irrational decision making and behavioral economics). Yet these are exactly where market researchers are often most needed, especially in the face of big data, which increasingly owns the questions “what” and “how”—we market researchers find ourselves increasingly tasked with “why.”

In this class, you will learn important concepts that will help you decide when to use video-based methods, which ones to use, how to plan a project, and how to avoid common challenges. This class also includes a video-based demonstration.

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