Research Rockstar delivers training and staffing services to busy professionals seeking Market Research excellence. Our 25+ training classes are offered in both online and on-site formats, and include options to earn MRA Certificates. Our Rent-a-Researcher staffing services place qualified market research experts, covering temporary needs due to project fluctuations, maternity leaves or other staffing disruptions.

Market Research is an investment, and a large one for many companies. But like any investment, it can be risky. Research Rockstar provides your organization with access to research expertise either through training or temporary staff.

Our mission: to help buyers and users of market research complete research projects, apply the results to real-world decisions, and feel, indeed, like a Research Rockstar.

Meet Our Team:

Kathryn's Photo

Kathryn Korostoff, Founder & President.

Kathryn Korostoff is a market research professional with a special interest in how organizations acquire, manage, and apply market research. Over the past 20 years, she has personally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100 bylined articles in trade magazines. Currently, Kathryn spends her time assisting companies as they create market research departments, develop market research strategies, or otherwise optimize their use of market research. Prior to Research Rockstar, Kathryn completed the transition of Sage Research—an agency that she founded and led for 13 years— to its new parent company.

Lisa's Photo

Lisa Huang, Director of Training Operations.

Bringing acclaimed market research subject matter experts to the both the virtual and physical classroom is Lisa’s primary focus. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, Lisa earned her MBA from Suffolk University. She also became a certified director of training via Langevin Learning Services. One of Lisa’s hobbies is finishing wooden furniture. Her favorite Research Rockstar class is Writing Qualitative Research Reports. “Stories from the world of focus groups can be hilarious” she said.

Debra's Photo

Debra Mascott, Director of eLearning Curriculum.

With a newly-minted Masters in Education from UMass/Boston in Instructional Design plus an MBA from Suffolk University, Debra delights in designing and developing eLearning programs. She is currently transforming instructor-led classes into self-paced eLearning. As an instructor/trainer herself, Debra says she has turned in her high heels from her training days into flat shoes she wears behind a laptop. Debra and her husband have been long subscribers to Boston’s theatre. They also take their cocker spaniel for hikes. Her favorite Research Rockstar class is – not surprisingly – Infographics where she regularly checks out interesting infographics on the web.

Nancy's Photo

Nancy McAndrews, Director of Consulting Services.

She manages and coordinates the Rent-a-Researcher program where she matches and vets freelance market researchers with various clients. With a Computer Science degree from Stonehill College, Nancy’s programming experience bodes well for her projects at Research Rockstar. Nancy’s four daughters are her source of pride.

Vickie's Photo

Vickie Salvo, Client Support Specialist.

Vickie has the shortest commute as she works from home as a virtual staff member. Vickie has worked with Research Rockstar for over 5 years. With a BS degree from Southern New Hampshire University, Vickie has a wide spectrum of experience and skills including developing the ecommerce website for Research Rockstar. Her skills range from website design to technical and customer support. When Vickie’s not working she can be seen on the road on her motorcycle and raising funds for charity.

Research Rockstar: A proud member of the Marketing Research Association.

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