Have you ever used wiki for research collaboration?

Here’s your chance!

Hi Friends,

I have reached out to a group of my favorite MR tweeps and LinkedIn connections to see if any of you social media-minded folks might like to participate in a little experiment.

I have been testing wiki as a way to collaborate on market research results. Wiki are free (or low cost), allow shared editing, history tracking, comments, etc., etc.  I have run a few small experiments for clients, which has been a fascinating learning opportunity.  But to be frank, I need a case study that I can use as a public example.

I have just completed data collection for a (US) study on email etiquette (pet peeves, email attribute importance, etc). This is the data set I will be using for the case study.

Participate, and get the data.

I need 4 people to do the test with me.

What I’ll be asking of you:

    1. On Sunday June 6, I will post the wiki. It will have 4 or 5 key charts plus supporting text.
    2. Between Sunday and Tuesday morning, I’d need you to make edits or add comments to the file. I request at least 2 edits or comments per person, please. I am looking for content; grammar edits don’t count 😉
    3. On Tuesday, I will send you a very brief (honest researcher!) survey to ask some questions about your experience collaborating on research using a wiki. In lieu of that, you can send me a video feedback. I need the feedback by noon (eastern) Wednesday.
    4. The final wiki and feedback WILL be used in my session at the MRA’s AC THURSDAY.

      What’s in it for you?

      Anyone who participates fully will get the complete research results from the email etiquette project, and be listed on the wiki as a co-author (if you wish).  Once final (which will be after the conference), I will make the wiki public, so we can all cite it as an example (no matter what the outcome—good or bad).

      Note: I am inviting both client-side and agency-side researchers. I am hoping to get a mix.

      Interested? Email me! kkorostoff@ResearchRockstar.com, or call my cell 508 579 5936