Southboro/Metrowest Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable

Ever wish you could meet other local business owners to discuss business trends, brainstorm solutions, or even just commiserate about the challenges of growing a business?

On May 27th, two Southborough business owners are co-hosting an “Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable” breakfast. Discussion topics will be determined by attendees, but may include issues such as staffing, sales management, online marketing strategies, or product development.

Note: this is not a lead gen event, and solicitation is not allowed.

Network with other local business owners. Learn from real life business challenges while you help solve them!

About your hosts: Kenneth Kahn is the CEO of Your Gift Certificate, and Kathryn Korostoff is President of Research Rockstar LLC.

Join a group of your peers for breakfast at the Red Barn Café on Route 9 in Southboro.

To reserve a spot, please email Kathryn by Monday May 19th.



Where will the breakfast be held? Breakfast will be held at the Southboro Red Barn,  Eastbound Rt 9  location.

What time?: 7:30 – 8:45 AM

Is there a fee? No.

Is this one-time event? TBD based on interest.

Is this like BNI? No. No lead generation, no soliciting.

What types of businesses do attendees own? It varies. Most of us have between one and ten employees. Most of us operate in or within 10 miles of Southboro. Some of us sell B2B products/services, a few are consumer. At least two of us have previously built and sold companies.

How many people will be there? We are expecting 10 to 12.