Flexible Market Research Staffing Retainers

Our Rent-a-Researcher program has been expanded to include retainer pricing. This means you can plan ahead for your workloads and budgets. Crunch time? No worries. Unexpected skill requirements? Easy.

Rent-a-Researcher Retainers = Safe Staffing

You tell us what skills you need, and we will assemble candidates for your approval. Once you make your selections, your virtual market research team will be on call for you, and generally able to start new tasks within 4 business days (if not sooner). This way, your “favorites” learn how to best meet your needs—you won’t have to train new researchers each month.

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Rent-a-Researcher (RAR)

Hire a market researcher by the hour, day, or project.

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Fees range by skill level
Skill LevelSample TasksFee range
Level 1Basic questionnaire programming (simple logic)
Consumer interviewing (IDIs)
Manual coding of open-ends or transcripts
Secondary Research
Telephone recruiting
$60 – $75
Level 2Advanced questionnaire programming (complex logic)
B2B interviewing (IDIs)
Online community moderation
Panel management
PowerPoint editing and QA
Questionnaire testing (Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, etc.)
Verbatims: select/extract from transcripts/audio files
$70 – $85
Level 3Crosstabs/Banner tables
PowerPoint reporting of Quant results
PowerPoint reporting of Qual results
Project Management
Questionnaire design: standard
Questionnaire testing (complex logic)
Word reports or top-lines
$80 –  $100
Level 4Questionnaire design (advanced: CBC, MaxDiff, etc.
Sawtooth design and programming
SPSS: Factor, cluster, logistic regression, discriminant analysis, etc.
$95 – $160
Your retainer fee will be calculated based on:
  • The level or levels of skill you require.
  • The number of hours you will buy per month.
  • The number of months to which you are committing.
Client Sam estimated he would need 10 hours a month of Level 1 plus 30 hours a month of Level 3 work. He committed to a one year retainer, with unused hours rolling over. His fee: $3,255 per month.
Staffing Retainer Agreement Terms
  • Client pays retainer each month (no uncertainty)
  • At year end, unused hours roll over (no waste)
  • Client receives a monthly update on hours used/dollars spent (know what you have)
  • Client receives and approves weekly timesheets (no surprises)

Let us put together a staffing retainer option for you. No strings attached. Just call 508-691-6004 ext 703 to get started.

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