Research Rockstar founder, Kathryn Korostoff, speaks to organizations about various market research subjects. Currently available topics include:

Igniting Employee Passion Through Deep Customer Insights

In this presentation, three cool research project designs are presented—all of which yield deep customer insights. Perfect for groups seeking a fresh approach to employee motivation. 60 minutes.

Informing Product Development Decisions

Traditional and non-traditional methods for testing new product concepts. Designed for groups that are seeking to prioritize and optimize new product ideas. 60 minutes.

Rise Above The Noise: Finding & Selecting Marketing Messages

Learn techniques for identifying and prioritizing marketing messages—so that choices can be made firmly and swiftly. Geared towards groups that struggle with choosing and agreeing upon messages. 60 minutes.

Divide & Conquer: Market Segmentation Strategies and Tactics

Rethinking how you segment your market? Get a current, fresh perspective on segmentation approaches—and a reality check on which ones are most likely to work in your market. 90 minutes.

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  • Fees start at $1,200 for on-site presentations, plus travel expenses.
  • Presentations are booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
  • In some cases, the client may be asked to provide an on-site staff member to assist presenter.

To schedule an on-site presentation, send a brief note by filling out our contact form.