Stale Research Alert: When Price Is The Only Difference

When selecting a market research agency to carry out a project, many people buy on price. Often, the proposals from different agencies show similar methods, sample sources, and timelines. So of course you pick the least expensive.

Using price as the selection basis is simple and comfortable.

So here’s the catch: if you are sending RFPs only to agencies that come back to you with similar ideas, it’s time to rethink your short-list.

These days, there are innovators out there. Agencies using cooler tools, applying newer sample quality processes, and even offering new deliverables. Their methods may push you out of your comfort zone. Their proposals may be harder to read because they won’t be full of the same boilerplate you’ve been seeing for years.

But if you want research that will have an impact, break you out of a market research rut, and create more excitement among your internal clients at the end of the day, it’s time. Create a new agency short-list that includes innovative firms, perhaps even a few that you are skeptical about. You may be pleasantly surprised at the options they offer you.

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