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Essential Quant Skills for Success

Most folks will agree there are some essential life skills we all should learn, from tying our shoes to learning how to swim. In our industry, there are some essential research skills that help to set us up for success in our careers.  If you are a quantitative researcher, the Insights Association (formed through the […]

What’s Your Superpower?

Has anyone ever asked you “If you had a superpower, what would it be?” The answers tend to range from “invisibility” to “superhuman strength” to “teleportation”. Did you know that as a market researcher you do have a superpower? You have the ability to “find the story in the numbers”. The ability to take a […]

Behavioral Economics: It’s your choice…or is it?

Hmmmm… Strawberry or hazelnut gelato? A new iPad or a refurbished iPad? Soup or salad? Leasing or buying a car? Paying for your software month-to-month or once annually? Let’s be honest, as market research professionals we are an inherently curious group. Desiring to learn why people make the decisions they make is one of the reasons […]

Zillow, John Deere and Facebook Use R, Do You?

What do Facebook, Google, John Deere, the City of Chicago, Lloyds of London and Zillow have in common? They all use R for data analysis, statistical modeling, and more. According to Revolutionary Analytics: Facebook uses R for user behavior analysis and big data visualizations Google uses R for measuring advertising effectiveness, economic forecasting and big […]

Show Me the Numbers!

We’ve all been there —sitting in the presentation that is 90+ slides of horizontal bar chart after horizontal bar chart after horizontal bar chart. Clients in those sessions often think (and sometimes feel compelled to say) “Just show me the numbers in a compelling and easy-to-digest format!” I’ve been a witness to more than one […]

Success Rates for Big Data, Survey Research & Ethnographic Research

What do you think? Which has the highest success rate in Corporate America:  Big Data, Survey Research or Ethnographic Research? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that too many of ALL types of data-producing efforts fail. The projects are done, the data is not used, budgets are broken. Failure. It happens in all types […]

Make Your List and Check It Twice — for Questionnaire Design

I’ll admit it, I am a list person: I organize my thoughts by making lists and I enjoy checking things off my to-do list I’m a checklist app aficionado (my favorite is Todoist) One of my favorite books is The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande When it comes to my research job, you can be […]

Training to Rock at Market Research

When you ask a market researcher how they started in this great industry, many will say they came up through ‘traditional’ paths of studying sociology, anthropology, statistics, or similar subjects and chose market research as a career right out of the gate. But there are just as many who will declare “I fell into it!” […]

Open-ended Questions: Fantastic or Frustrating?

If you ask a researcher about open-ended questions you may receive two answers: “open-ended questions are fantastic” and “open-ended questions are frustrating.” Why is that? Open-ended questions are fantastic because they allow us to gather rich feedback. When placed in a quantitative survey, open-ended questions allow us to get to the “why” behind respondents’ answers […]

[Free Mini Lesson Inside] Meet the Data Analytics Superhero of Your Dreams: Excel

Having a hard time believing that mild-mannered Excel is really a superhero waiting to save the day? Check out this sample video from the course, where you get to watch and hear instructor Dan Reynolds demonstrate ANOVA using Excel: