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Let’s Focus

Focus groups have been a mainstay of market research for decades and are well known to both researchers and non-researchers. For instance, hearing “I want to run a focus group” from a client can sometimes mean they want to pursue research in general (that happened to me countless times). Focus groups are well known enough […]

What Makes Conjoint Analysis Compelling?

What if…? “What if we include this item in our smartphone product bundle, would that appeal to customers?” “What if we change the location of our annual conference?” “How important is it for us to include car rental in the vacation packages we offer?” Have questions like the above arisen in conversations with your clients? […]

Is Big Data Creating New Career Options for You?

When was the last time you really thought about: Your research and insights career path? Your career goals? What you would like to do, learn, or otherwise accomplish? I know it can feel a little daunting! How do you plan the next 10 years of your career when so much in the profession is uncertain? […]

Segmenting for Success

“Manageable pieces” “Bite sized chunks” “More easily digestible groups” Each of these are phrases that have been used to describe market segmentation, through which a target market is divided into logical subgroups based on some combination of  demographic, psychographic, attitudinal or behavioral variables.  With the resulting segmentation model, companies can target their activities and strategies […]

New SurveyGizmo Training Collection

Research Rockstar has introduced ‘The SurveyGizmo Collection,’ a set of seven online courses selected for marketing professionals seeking to expand their customer insights skills. SurveyGizmo’s Training Manager Aleta Hubbell worked with Research Rockstar President Kathryn Korostoff on topic priorities. The final seven courses were selected by SurveyGizmo from the Research Rockstar catalog of 30 market […]

Planning to Use Social Media for Research? Read This First

Back in November, we asked if market researchers were listening to (or ignoring) social media as a resource for market research. If your clients really desire customer insights, then you can’t ignore social media entirely. The sheer size and cultural influence of social media means that rich conversations are happening and your clients should be listening. […]

Traveling the Path from Irvine to Brooklyn with The Quirks Event

I’m just back from the Quirk’s Event, California edition. If you haven’t heard, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review launched an industry conference in 2015. A bold move in an already crowded conference market. Bolder still? They held it in Brooklyn—in February! Despite the risk of New York snow, the event was a huge success; so much […]

Landing a Market Research Internship

“I want to be a market researcher!” When I hear this from college students (and some grad students), I always probe deeper as to why. Often the students direct the questions back to me, seeking more information about the research and insights industry. The result of most of these conversations is my recommendation that the […]

A Rising Data Tide

In Kathryn Korostoff’s presentation, “A Rising Data Tide Lifts All Research Boats”, she mentioned two hand-outs. Here they are: Kathryn’s presentation notes Research Rockstar’s framework for selecting data options If you’d like to have a conversation about what it means to promote a data agnostic culture, please contact to schedule a phone/Skype call with Kathryn. […]

Ditch the Paper

Years ago, we were prepping for an office move at my (former) job and we went to check out the new space. Outside my new office I was surprised to find a cube filled, almost literally from floor to ceiling, with papers in a rainbow of colors. I spoke with the office manager and found […]