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Need help with questionnaire programming?

Before I started working for Research Rockstar, I was a client! When I needed to get my staff on the same page regarding a specific skill (qualitative report writing for example), I had them go through Research Rockstar training to establish that baseline. As a busy corporate research manager, I also needed to contend with […]

Showcase Your Research and Insights Expertise with an IA Certificate

You and I know the truth. Not just anyone can be a market researcher! It takes skill, savvy, and some secret sauce thrown in there. But, unfortunately, today anyone can claim to be a “market research professional” and there is no legal requirement in order to be a professional (like there is with doctors, lawyers, […]

Back to Basics

Summertime basics: sunscreen, hat, cooler, and market research training. Wait, what? Let me explain. Summertime basics are all about things you can’t do without to survive the summer season. For everyone they are different and could include anything from air conditioning to ice cream sundaes. For researchers, your summertime basics that you can’t live without […]

Building a Strong Foundation

A theme we have been exploring recently in our market research conversations broadcasts on YouTube is job trends. One specific trend we have noticed with corporate research is either aligning more closely or actually integrating the market research and consumer insights function with other functions such as marketing analytics or marketing. The purpose of these integrations […]

Seeing is Believing

I once had a client who, right in the middle of a meeting where we were verbally sharing preliminary findings from a project, said “But I just can’t see the data, I can’t visualize it!” and requested to reschedule the meeting to when we would have something visual to share. As research and insights professionals, […]

Cool Conjoint

I’m a cool weather person — I’m not a big one for heat and I love air conditioning. So, summer is my season to enjoy the cool air indoors and catch up on my professional development. Some of us notice a slight dip in workload once summer arrives due to fewer client requests. For me, […]

Beta Testers Get Free Training!

Free Focus Group Training for Beta Testers....We are testing a new format option for our courses, and need some beta testers. The test will be done using a new format of our class: Managing Focus Group Projects.If you or one of your team members are in need of this topic, then perhaps this can be a win/win. You get free training, and we get a Beta tester.

Create the Structure for the Insights to Flow

As we’ve said before, one of the biggest hurdles with qualitative research is the reporting. Qualitative projects yield an abundance of rich data from interviews and observation, and it can be daunting to sift through all of that to identify and communicate key insights to the client. Analyzing qualitative data properly takes discipline; there are […]

Sit Down, Let’s Talk

Have you ever gone on a blind date? Yeah, it can be super-awkward and uncomfortable waiting for your date to arrive and then having to make small talk through a dinner or outing. The same goes for networking events (aka business blind dating!). It can be really scary to gather up the courage to walk […]

Sorting through Secondary Sources (with free infographic!)

Census data Analyst reports Syndicated data Press releases Annual reports Your company’s customer database And more… When you really look, there seems to be no shortage of secondary data. But the question is: what do you do with all of that data? Do you know how to use secondary research sources to do the following? […]