Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 7 of 20

Remarkable Research is Delivered Using a Multi-Mode Strategy

So you have a great new market research study completed. Now what? How do you deliver the findings with both impact and credibility? Take a little time, and craft a comprehensive deliverables strategy. The key components of this strategy will include a mix of delivery methods, with emphasis on retention building among the audience.

  • Find ways to repeat key pieces of information in different ways and times. I have had the experience where I repeated information, and a key audience member only “got it” after the third or fourth exposure. Were they not paying attention earlier? They probably were. Some people “click” with charts, others with stories or anecdotes, others with video. If they get the information the day they are on a deadline or if they are dealing with another matter, they may intend to pay attention but are not able. Repetition using multiple approaches at multiple occasions is critical. As a researcher, you may feel repeating and repackaging information is redundant, but it isn’t. What seems obvious to you is not always obvious to an audience.
    • Tip: This point about time is important. Yes, the project is done and you want to deliver it right away. But by repeating key parts over a few weeks, you will maximize the chances your audience will use the research.

Research involves delivering results. Remarkable research involves making sure our audience actually uses them. If we expect people to retain and apply the results, we have to create a more comprehensive delivery strategy. Presentations, email follow-ups, executive endorsements, podcasts, custom follow-ups, 1:1 briefings, posters, handouts and internal blogs are some of the options that can be combined to make sure our audience is reached multiple times using multiple modes. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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