Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 6 of 20

Remarkable Research Includes Listening, Not Just Asking

Remarkable research is closer to our fingertips than ever before.  And it often involves listening, not asking.

One of the most efficient options is through social media research. By monitoring social media conversations using tools such as those from BuzzMetrics, Crimson Hexagon, NetBase, Radian6 and Trackur, researchers can discover customer attitudes without having to ask. This dovetails with the current hot topic of behavioral economics, which among other things, points out that research participants cannot always report their attitudes and behaviors accurately. For some topics, listening and observation is the key to gathering accurate data.

Ethnography is another option for projects where observing will yield better insights than asking. But be careful: ethnography is a nuanced discipline.  Videotaping a bunch if interviews is not ethnography.

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