Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 15 of 20

Remarkable Research is Well-Defined Research

Documenting an agreed upon, and small, set of precise objectives is vital to the remarkableness of your market research. Don’t let conflicting agendas or a broad, unrealistic scope with too many objectives put your project at risk.

  • Sometimes this means that the remarkable researcher has to be tough. You may have to say “no,” diplomatically of course, to the client who wants too much from a single project. A good way to handle these sticky situations is to offer the client options: “We can do all of this, but it will require a second phase of research….here is the time and budget implications.” Or, “Some of these objectives require a different population—so can you provide the extra $10,000 we will need to increase our data collection budget?” There’s nothing like being precise about the budget impact to get people to prioritize their needs!

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