Principles of Remarkable Research: Part 11 of 20

Remarkable research on an ongoing basis requires systems

Great research requires efficiency, and efficiency requires processes and systems. They don’t need to be onerous, but here are the basic ones:

  1. Project request forms: how your clients (internal or external) request a project, by documenting key parameters.
  2. Standardized survey templates: in entirety, or at minimum, standard questions for collecting demographics.
  3. Vendor evaluation forms: used to evaluate sample or market research agency providers so that you document which ones work well for your needs, and which ones need to be used with caution—if at all.
  4. Project evaluation forms: for gathering feedback from internal clients. Use this as an opportunity to learn, how well did the project go? What could have been better? Let’s practice what we preach.
  • Tip: A great way to get systems in place is to take advantage of slow times of year (summertime, holiday seasons). Use these periods to create standard forms and survey templates for use year-round.

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