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Ideas for a Survey Grading Site

I saw some great interest this morning in the idea of a survey grading site. Inspired by yet another awful questionnaire design (one that had been sent to the market research community itself, ironically), I threw out the idea half-joking.I was thrilled to see responses to the idea from great tweeps like  @MDMktingSource  @conversition @MargaretRoller.Could this crazy idea have legs?One idea: Perhaps a volunteer committee of 6 experienced researchers would get together once a month or so (virtually, of course), to review and grade questionnaires?

Market Research Success: The Missing Ingredient

If only the success of a market research project were judged by the quality of the results. But delivering a fantastic report or an inspiring final presentation isn’t enough. The missing secret ingredient: a communications plan. If you are managing a research project for your organization, you will represent the project—and you will likely have […]

NPS is not the De facto Metric for Telecomm Customer Satisfaction

The original article recommends NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the optimal standard for customer satisfaction with telecommunications providers. Ummm, no. So since I didn’t get to share on the TMCnet site, let me share some information here for those of you interested in measuring customer satisfaction in the telecommunications space. “There are many scenarios in which customers may be satisfied with certain service levels or offerings yet refrain from recommending or referring the larger offering to their friends.” Yes, this is very true...

Market Research Learning…via Twitter

Thanks to all who provided suggestions and ideas. Your input has been instrumental in planning these next two events. For those who missed the first Twitterversity, this is a Twitter-only event where mini-lessons are released with the hashtag #MRXU. It’s a great way to capture facts, definitions, and best practices. To join the mailing list for details, agendas and updates, please sign up here. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The Best Market Research Blogs

All of the blogs in our list cover timely topics—they are great resources to keep you current, without dragging you too deep into “shiny object” syndrome. BTW, in the interest of keeping this list unbiased, we did not include our own blog.Click here to download our updated list of The Best Market Research Blogs now.

Snake Oil and Popcorn: Market Research Meets Social Media

The market researcher who clings to conventional surveys and focus groups like a life raft on a turbulent sea is going to drown. Those who judiciously add various social media and ethnographic-based methods along with some of the other fabulous new qualitative research tools out there will be able to navigate through the storm---and best help clients choose the methods (or mix) for their unique needs.

The Irrelevant Market Research Supplier…or Client

Is the idea of "client-side" and "supplier-side" market research obsolete?

5 Ways You Know You Are an Awesome Market Researcher

Here are the five core attributes of an awesome researcher. Make sure you have these nailed, and your clients will quickly begin to appreciate your awesomeness.

1. You use multiple research methodologies. You are familiar with multiple research methods, and can match a project’s goals to the best available method. You don’t assume every project is either a survey or a focus group.
2. You think carefully about sample source. You know when to use panels, ...

Sugging or Mugging: Neither Are Good

While at the Marketing Research Association's First Outlook conference this past week, I listened to some interesting stories from people using their online communities as both research and marketing vehicles. This dual-purpose approach leaves me feeling, quite frankly, conflicted. And a little ignorant; apparently this is a widespread practice. Until now, I had thought most communities were primarily focused on listening to customers to uncover...

Grading Market Research Agency Websites

Do these websites matter? Aren’t they just electronic billboards?I think they do matter. A lot of people who buy and use market research visit agency websites. And frankly, they are more likely to visit an agency site than that of a professional association (such as the MRA or CASRO) or of a trade publication (such as Quirk’s or Research Magazine). So these agency websites are, intentionally or not, a key source of client education.