Market Research Training: Twitterversity News

MRXU, the free Market Research Twitterversity, will begin Tuesday January 11th, at 6 am! In addition to the 117+ lessons that will be released by topic (see agenda below), our visiting professors have all agreed to offer virtual office hours. That means that during the hours below, they will be monitoring #MRXU for any questions. So don’t be shy! All times are US, Eastern Standard Time.

Office hours:

Tom de Ruyck (@TomDeRuyck) 8 – 9 AM

Manny Flores (@MannyrFlores) 10 – 11 AM

Annie Pettit (@LoveStats) 2 – 3 PM

Jeffrey Henning (@JHenning) 3 – 4 PM

Joel Rubinson (@JoelRubinson) 4 – 5 PM

And I’ll be on all day (@ResearchRocks).

MRXU Scheudle for January 11th:

6:00 AM Basic Concepts & Common Jargon

8:00 AM Introduction to Market Research Project Planning

10:00 AM About Survey Projects

12:00 PM (Noon) About Qualitative Research

2:00 PM Emerging Research Methods

4:00 PM Receiving Research Results

5:00 PM Delivering Research Results

7:00 PM Tips for MR Buyers

9:00 PM Market Research Career Planning

Be sure to follows hashtag #MRXU Tuesday January 11th to capture the 117+ mini-lessons.

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