Research Rockstar Scholarship Program


Preparing Today’s College Students for Tomorrow’s Market Research Careers

What we are offering you:

  • A great opportunity to learn about Market Research…..for free!
  • The chance to take many of our real time market research classes within a one year period.
  • Exploration of interesting subjects that may not be available at your school.
  • A fantastic addition to your resume.

What we are asking of you:

  • Show up to the class for which you register (done virtually…how easy!)
  • Be an active participant in class.  Join in!  Ask questions!  Challenge us!
  • Provide feedback when requested.
  • That’s it!

How the program works:

Fill out the form below to apply for a Research Rockstar scholarship.

If you are accepted:

  • You will be notified of open spots in 3-6 of our Market Research classes each month.
  • Classes are offered from 11am-12:30pm OR 1pm-3:00pm Eastern Time.
  • Register for the class (or classes) of your choice…remember: registering means committing to attend!
  • If you need to miss one class we will understand but if you miss two, sorry, you will be withdrawn from the programEmotes-face-sad-icon.

Research Rockstar Scholarship Application Form:  

(You must be a current student at a college or university to register!)


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