Letting Clients Be More Than Research Participants

What makes a useful marketing consultant? I mean, a really useful one?

Someone who…

Understands your product?
Knows how customers actually use it?
Understands customers’ perceptions of its strengths? Weaknesses?
Can see past your own biases?

Hmmm…maybe the most qualified consultant is a customer?

In market research, we are trained to treat customers as research participants. If they start to go off track by pontificating, we “re-direct” them to talk about their own personal experiences and opinions. In focus groups, we have various techniques for making someone stay on point. In survey projects, we carefully word questions in hopes that participants will report their own attitudes and behaviors.

And for many projects, it does make sense to keep participants focused on themselves. After all, a research participant can’t really know why their brother-in-law uses that brand of shampoo, or how her co-worker might feel about the price of air travel.

But if we are looking at some other marketing needs—like seeking input for improving word-of-mouth, or coming up with ideas for product improvements, the best “consultant” is one who really knows your company, your product. Sure, there are some great consultants out there. But sometimes, calling on customers as consultants is the best approach.

Calling on customers as consultants also has a hidden benefit: if your topic of interest is something that people may find too personal, too hard to be honest about—asking them indirectly can be most revealing. Jack may not be willing to tell you bluntly that he thinks your product is hard to use—that might make him feel stupid. But if you ask him how your product could be improved, he will be more comfortable suggesting that “some people” will find the product easier to use if the dials were just a little larger. It’s a twist on the old ploy, “It’s not for me, but a friend wants to know…”

What do you think?

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