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Level Up Your Data Game

Gamer lingo seems to be everywhere today, from finding power ups, to leveling up, to finding the closest Pokemon Go gym (mine happens to be our local Staples store). If you’re a die-hard gamer the following will be old hat to you. For the rest of us, to “level up” is to get to get […]

New England Insights Association Spring Conference Recap

I’m always delighted when I’m able to get out of the office and head to an event chock-full of research and insights professionals. It’s fun to talk shop with others who are excited about research and insights topics such as survey design, customer personas, and data data data! I had the opportunity to attend the New […]

Are you the Tim Ferriss of Market Research?

No one is an expert at any skill overnight— even best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, the self-proclaimed “human Guinea pig” who hacks everything from productivity to learning to dating (!) didn’t learn any of his skills overnight. If you don’t know of Ferriss, he is a leader in “accelerated learning” which has led to […]

How Are You Measuring Satisfaction?

Think about the news these days. Often, when you hear about a company, if it’s not about a merger or earnings results, it’s about customer service issues. And especially in this era of social media, phones are on, raised, and documenting customer service issues as they happen. Now, not all of us work for those […]

Going Backstage with the Rockstars of Research

Think about your favorite band or artist. Now, think about how you interact with them. Most of us would say “I have a Spotify playlist or listen to them on the radio, and that’s about it!” But if you’ve ever had the chance to go backstage at a rock concert, you know what a special […]

I’m Watching You

“Why observe? Why not just send out a survey and ASK?” asked a frustrated coworker several years ago. She was talking about an ethnographic study we were doing which involved observing customers in their home environment. Just being the observer made her uncomfortable and fidgety. To answer her question, ethnography can be incredibly valuable. Observing […]

Savvy Survey Scale Selection

Do you like Likert? Are you crazy about constant sum? Are 5-point importance scales your happy place? In survey design, scales are often used to quantify respondents’ attitudes or behaviors. But it’s not as simple as saying “this should be a closed-ended question rather than an open ended question” (a comment I have heard more […]

Be Prepared

It happens. You’re humming along doing your work and *ding* a project lands in your inbox that you didn’t see coming. Not an uncommon occurrence, right? It is inherent in our industry that this happens: whether it is a last-minute project due “yesterday” or a project that stretches you waaaaaay outside your comfort zone. This […]

Creating Magic Moments with Qualitative Research

Remember the old but classic awkward first date story about the person who goes on a blind date and hears “Enough about me, what do you think about me?” from their dinner date? While we all want to avoid that situation, having people want to talk about themselves and their experiences is fantastic for research. […]

In the Wild

No, I’m not talking about Survivor: Market Research (how fascinating would that be!), I’m talking about ethnography. Mobile ethnography specifically. As you know, ethnography is the practice of spending time with a subject group to better understand behaviors, interactions and overall culture. Researchers have long been facilitating ethnography projects: observing people in their homes and […]